Friday, December 31, 2010

Polite Society Magazine... the reason for my hiatus

If one glanced at my blog recently, they would probably assume I am a very boring person. I haven't blogged much about anything lately.  But in reality, it's actually because I have been so busy, I can't even think about how to now organize all the things I should blog about.  Does that ever happen to you?

I also thought I hadn't taken pictures of anything the whole month of December and was going to write something like that within this post... "I didn't take one.single.picture.this.whole.month" but then as my sister, Amber, and I were looking through my camera, I realized I do have a whole bunch.  But they're only of our comings and goings in Germany. I didn't even lift my camera out of the bag throughout my California Christmas trip.  Not even Christmas morning.  Sorry.  I just couldn't do it.  And now we're in Utah, snowed in and dealing with many of our friends and family (including my father-in-law) in and out of the hospital.  But I managed to take out the camera.  Too many fun things that I would have kicked myself if I had missed documenting.  

Please be reassured that I have not lost faith in blogging as was asked of me by one of my readers.  I will update soon.  They'll probably be very out of order, but I will blog about it.  I bet you can't wait to hear about my December.  It was crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy busy.

But now, I want to tell you the bigger reason as to why I have been missing from the blogging world.  Probably many of you know what I've been working on, but for those of you who don't... know that this project I'm going to describe has been, up to this point, not only a labor of love, and something I have been dreaming of with my cousin, Jacque, for at least 10 years, but is also part of a huge conglomerate we are slowly working towards, which means I'm actually "making something of myself."  It truly is something I am proud of and hope you will all be proud of too.  And here is what it is... The Polite Society Magazine.

The project is called "Polite Society," because the term "polite society" in years' past was a concept that labeled society as a unified whole working together to bring the world to a better place.  However, it soon evolved into a term that, in order to be included and a part of, you had to be of a higher, elitist class of people, usually wealthy and noble.  They felt that by keeping and practicing strict rules of propriety and etiquette set them apart from the "common" people.  

The irony of this misguided notion is that the original intention with which the rules of good social graces were created were for giving simple guidelines for people to become more thoughtful and caring of others; to place the needs and comfort of their fellow Earth-mates at the same level, or even above, their own; and to be more aware of others, and less consumed with the self.

I'm sure we all can see in the world around us how much things have changed, mostly for the worse, from how things "used to be."  I've heard comments time and again from many of those around me about how "I wish things would go back to the good ol days," how "bad the world is becoming," how much the world "has lost its upstanding, core values," and how "the world can't get any more evil..." Yes, all comments I have heard firsthand.

This is why Jacque and I have started Polite Society... to hopefully join with those who have already started fighting for good, to bring back honorable values and make the world a better place for ourselves, our children and those in years to come.  

We truly hope that everyone can join us in this endeavor.  As such, we hope that you will all support the online magazine we have started, one that is filled with articles, ideas and educational writings that will hopefully uplift us all and we can, one at a time, contribute great things to society.  

The magazine address is  You must register in order to receive a free 6-month subscription and access to the website/online magazine.  It's really very easy to register.  You don't need to enter in addresses, and credit card information or any of that stuff.  Just a username and password, first and last name.  Please make sure you register so we can start getting advertising to fund a hard copy version of the magazine. We need readers in order to do so.

We also have a blog at  Make yourself a follower and start reading away.  There are sneak peeks on there, and soon we will be offering giveaways, doing more candid posts (i.e., games, contributor features, etc.), and holding online discussions.

Also, for all my blog readers, I'll be giving you an extra incentive tomorrow for any of the giveaways we are holding.  Make sure you are a follower of my blog (this is for all you secret dwellers that I am finding out read my blog as you come out of the woodworks). Thank you to everyone in advance for your support!