Friday, October 31, 2008


Last Entry everyone!
Costume #6: MiniMe
Submitted (Idea) By: Brian Pethel

Voting Time! Out of all the costumes, which one do you guys like best? :)

Costume Contest, Entry 5

Costume #5: Sumo Wrestler
Entry (Idea) Submitted By: Christy Pethel

Is this obscene? I know I've read on other people's blogs that they hate when people post naked pictures of their kids. But do people really do that? And is this what they're talking about? Cuz if so, then I'm sorry. But I think this needs to be the exception cuz how funny is this! hahahhaa. I just had to!

Oh, and try and guess what this costume is made out of! Clue: Everything was from this house. I seriously pulled it out of nowhere. :)

Story About This Picture Session: Yaaa, so I couldn't put a diaper on him cuz it would defeat the purpose of the costume. So, right as Brian was about take the picture, he and the girls jumped out of the way. I didn't know why until I saw this golden stream that was getting some SERIOUS distance. (The flap in front wasn't attached down at the bottom so when he was sitting, it just kind of lifted up, giving him full bullseye and free reign.) I just sat there until it was all done kind of chuckling. No use getting up and running around trying to find something to catch it cuz by the time I did that, he would be finished...and there would be pee strewn all over the carpet. At least this way it all just landed in one or two spots...including my pants.

Xoe & Xanthe's Spooky Halloween Party

We had a great Halloween party last night. The girls said their friends were still talking about it today at school. Here are some pictures of the night.

***Warning: Lots of pictures to follow. How could I not? We did so much for it that I wanted you guys to see all the fun things we did! Here goes!


Cookie PopsYes, I made those Bat Chips from scratch!
Fog Machine & Candles
Coin Toss
Spider Crawl Race
Bobbing for Apples


"I Like to Move It, Move It"
"Monster Mash"
(Brian was teaching them the "Lawnmower" dance)

Xoe's thoughts about the party, "I loved the food and all the dancing and my friends. This was the best Halloween Eve ever. I can never forget this party I had with my friends. Every day when I go to school, my friends still brag about going to my party. I am proud of the good job I did on making all the food and decorations and setting up. It was hard work. And cleaning up too. We did it all that night. But it was worth it. We're thinking of doing one every year as a tradition." (Mom isn't sure about this one....)

Costume Contest, Part 4

Costume #4: Ride 'em Cowboy!

Submitted (Idea) By: Christy Pethel

Come on. He was in these pajamas last night and I couldn't resist. I had to set a scene.
When I was playing around with the color and contrast on the pictures, these all came out kind of funky. So, some of them I just left regular. I don't quite have the hang of it, obviously.

The next picture, I caught him right when he realized this horse was staring right at him. hahaha. He was looking at it as though it was real.
I love when he plays with his hands....

This is why this photo shoot took so long. He kept noticing his shoes (that had bells in them).
This was the first hat I used. hahaha. I can't explain it but I couldn't stop laughing when I put it on him. :)

Costume Contest, Part 3

Costume #3: Little Japanese Boy

Submitted (Idea) By: Brian Pethel (who just-so-happened to have recently returned from a trip from Japan. Wonder where he got this costume. :) )

Here he is focusing his inner chi, getting ready to go into a karate chop!
Sorry, I couldn't resist wit the picture below. This is the face he makes a lot. He looks like a duck, but he's gnawing his bottom teeth on his teething top teeth, trying to make them feel better. :) It's on here just for my own satisfaction for when I look back.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Another Awards Assembly. (They are doing too much...the school, I mean, in October. Ugh!)

Waiting for the Ceremony to begin.............

Here are the awards the girls received:
Citizen of the Quarter (voted by her friends for being a friend and good citizen to everyone.)
Honor Roll (All A's & 1 B on her report card)
Good Attendance (if you knew us, you know how amazing that is for us to get that award. We used to travel a lot and I used to get the letters home from the principal saying stuff like, "Your child deserves an education and you're taking that from her, blah, blah, blah." Ya, you guys just want your money. Whatever! So, this award is great. They would have gotten Perfect Attendance but they were sick two days.)

Honor Roll
Good Attendance
Great going guys! Congrats and keep up the good work!

Just another cute picture. To you guys it may look the same as the other one, but to me he is making a different face and I want it here so I can remember it later on. Remember? Blog=Journal too.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Fun, fun, fun!

(This is their friend, Isabelle...we call her our "adopted daughter". She's over a lot. And do the girls' costumes look familiar? Hint: Xanthe=Showbiz. Xoe=Halloween 2 Years Ago. Hey, they took my bargain of "The less money you spend on Halloween costumes, the more you can spend on your Halloween party" to heart! I'm thankful. I love recycled costumes!)
Spencer & DaddyDanielle & Bayley (How beautiful are both of them!)

Spencer & Kiley...3 Weeks apart, and Spencer is double her size. Kiley is the fourth and newest little girl of our good friends, the Binghams.
This is Priscilla Bingham (Kiley's mom). She whipped up these decorations in I'm thinkin... about 30 minutes. A-MA-Zing.
All the Kiddies!