Thursday, October 23, 2008


My Not-So Newborn...

Yup, he's 4 months. I can't believe it either. What I also can't believe is that he's 19 pounds, has his two bottom teeth and is getting his top two ones as we speak. He still can't roll over, probably cuz he's got too much fat keeping him in one place. He's a total smily baby, smiles at everyone, even when they're not talking directly to them. He giggles and laughs and loves to hold onto his toes. He's just found his thumb which is SO DANG CUTE to me. Not only because he refuses to take a pacifier but because when he sucks on his thumb, he hasn't figured out how to curl his other four fingers, he just wiggles them around, so he looks like he's making an offensive NEENER NEENER sign flipping other kids off.

He still has his baby acne and we think he's going to be a toe-head blonde. He's got white blonde hair growing in. Also, I think I need to graduate him into 6-9 month clothes. Jacque told me I wasn't allowed to squeeze him into 3-6 months anymore. hahaha. He really does look squeezed into them. Yesterday I couldn't sit him down in his stroller because his legs wouldn't bend into the sitting position cuz his pants were too tight. Wonder if that was ruining his day like it does mine. :)

Lastly, he's so vocal now. He makes funny noises after he yawns, like an adult does after a good stretch, he loves to grab at things now and he loves to just sit an observe a whole room. He is probably going to love the game of "People Watching" when he grows up. He is still such a pleasant baby and doesn't get upset very easily. He is still my little boyfriend and makes my heart melt whenever I get to hold him, smell his head or bite his double chin. :)

And of course, we can't forget this picture of his best friend and cousin, Harper. Harper is only 7 months older than Spencer and we're hoping they're going to be best cousins together. I hope this picture isn't foretelling the future. :)

P.S. Ruth, thank you so much for your talent AGAIN for everything that had to do with these pictures. Taking them, fixing them, etc., etc., etc. Oh, and we can't leave out Aunt Cheryl, DeAnne and Karen who came to visit him when we were in California and totally helped set the stage and google and gaggle at him to get him to smile. It was entertainment for everyone there.


amber buhrley said...

so cute! It was fun having you and him in town for so long! We can't wait to see you guys again soon! It made me sad that he is already doing new things and it has only been a week since I saw him.

Aunt DeAnne said...

Holy Tollito - he is the cutest and fattest baby boy ever!!!! We loved seeing him again and seeing how funny he is when he smiles and has to analyze everyone - what they are doing or saying to him - He is a riot and I am so glad I was there to get the grins out of the boy! You guys sure made a cute one!!!! Love Aunt DeAnne

heather said...

CHRISTY! These pictures of spencer are AMAZING!!! I LOVE his eyes, they are ridiculous. My favorites are the 2nd & 3rd from the top.