Friday, October 31, 2008

Costume Contest, Entry 5

Costume #5: Sumo Wrestler
Entry (Idea) Submitted By: Christy Pethel

Is this obscene? I know I've read on other people's blogs that they hate when people post naked pictures of their kids. But do people really do that? And is this what they're talking about? Cuz if so, then I'm sorry. But I think this needs to be the exception cuz how funny is this! hahahhaa. I just had to!

Oh, and try and guess what this costume is made out of! Clue: Everything was from this house. I seriously pulled it out of nowhere. :)

Story About This Picture Session: Yaaa, so I couldn't put a diaper on him cuz it would defeat the purpose of the costume. So, right as Brian was about take the picture, he and the girls jumped out of the way. I didn't know why until I saw this golden stream that was getting some SERIOUS distance. (The flap in front wasn't attached down at the bottom so when he was sitting, it just kind of lifted up, giving him full bullseye and free reign.) I just sat there until it was all done kind of chuckling. No use getting up and running around trying to find something to catch it cuz by the time I did that, he would be finished...and there would be pee strewn all over the carpet. At least this way it all just landed in one or two spots...including my pants.


Heather said...

haha this is funny and nonot obscene...way cute! i love his rolls!

Beth said...

too funny!!!!! I vote for the mini me. They really look a lot a like when they both have goatees