Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Dance

Spring Dance at the Wiesbaden Middle School

Fun times. I remember these dances when I was in middle school. We got to dress up and go to dinner with our friends.  The girls stayed after school to the Youth Center and the Youth Leader did their makeup and nails.  It was a whole group thing for their Smart Girls Club. The pictures they took of getting ready weren't that great so I didn't post them.

Isn't this fun and don't they look pretty? I don't know most of the kids in this picture except the one in the purple flowered dress is Makayla and the one in the polka dot dress is their best friend, Christine.  

Pretty girls!
I'm also very proud of them for being dressed so modestly.  They never fight me on it and have such good standards for the friends. They even tell their friends they don't appreciate when they swear a lot in front of X&X.  Awesome girls, huh?

They had their old camera and so I think it was on a bad setting.  A lot of their pictures came out blurry.

Did I ever mention that Xoe LOVES taking these kinds of pictures.

Her with Christine

Not sure who she's with. I'll have to wait til she tells me.

 Their friend Christine was crowned 6th Grade princess.  Congrats Christine! They had a total blast and I'm really glad they had a chance to go.  Til next year! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swim Birthday Party

We weren’t going to have a party this year.  But the girls were 12. And they’re famous for negotiations.  The deal was… they would only invite 5 people and they would go swimming at the indoor swimming pool.  Easy-peasy (and for those of you who are maybe wondering why I’m so selfish to not throw them a party… you might want to revisit my previous years’ parties for them.  Over…the…top…).  The day of came and the girls were pretty amazing. They were up first thing in the morning baking their own cupcakes, decorating out of the “birthday box” and cleaning the house (I was helping, of course.  haha. But I felt a little like I was in their way).


Bday Swim Party 001

Bday Swim Party 002

Bday Swim Party 003

Bday Swim Party 004

We had a great time. We had pizza and opened presents.  Then we took all the cupcakes to the swimming pool.  The girls had such a great time. We couldn’t take pictures though because this pool in particular doesn’t allow cameras in. Not sure why, but I’m guessing they’re strict about people getting their pictures taken in public.  Never come across that at the other swimming pools.  It was fun though. Water slides, wave pool, lazy pool, sauna, high dives, and a few other basic pools. I relaxed, hung out with the girls and then we came home so a few of the same girls could go to Ashley’s Amazing Race party (remember her? The tall one who has the same birthday as the girls).Bday Swim Party 009

\Bday Swim Party 006

Bday Swim Party 007


Still no open eyes.  And again no clothes…but this time getting ready to go swimming. Smile

Bday Swim Party 010

Bday Swim Party 011