Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Night-Trick or Treating-OLD POST

Now that the girls are teenagers, they no longer want to hang out with us for trick-or-treating. They met up with their friends to do some trick-or-treating.  If I come across pictures from their phones I'll post them here.  But for now, it was just me, Spencer and Brian.

Spencer's good friend, Ilana's parents invited us over to go trick-or-treating then food afterwards.  They were in heaven as you can tell from their holding hands while walking.

He kept asking for lots of pieces.  I kept trying to teach him he only got one from each place.  I had actually brought bags of candy to give away to those giving out candy.  The way it works here is since not many Germans celebrate Halloween (it's only recently starting to be celebrated), all those who live on the American base hand out candy. Thousands and thousands of people, including Germans, come to get candy. It's so crazy in some places we avoid those areas.  And since we don't live on the American base, we don't have to buy candy.  Candy is pretty expensive.  And it kind of stinks that those who live in base have to put out such a huge expense.  So I usually buy about 10 bags of candy and give it out to friends I know on base, or walk around with a bag and give it to those I can tell are running out.  This way I also didn't feel so bad about my son who wanted a ton of candy (and will never actually eat it, but use it as train cargo).

There were some pretty amazing decorations out.

Ilana wearing Spencer's hat back at the house.

Back at the house, Matt (seen here) and Heidi Shea made German style pizzas and had some fun snacks for us.  I brought some wassail and pumpkins to carve.  Carving pumpkins are right up there with dying eggs, my two least favorite activities.  Matt was seriously the bomb to carve pumpkins for Spencer.  And Spencer chatted his ear off the whole time.  Look at the next few pictures. Matt never seemed annoyed and was totally engaged the whole time.

You know I love Halloween right? How could I pass up these balloons?

Me again.  It really didn't do the costume justice. I just couldn't  get a good picture of myself.    But there you go.  It helps my skin is so naturally white. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mommy School-Painting with colors

One of spencer's favorite things to do is draw pictures on white pieces of paper and only do things with regards to a certain color or fall colors (since it's october).  He was on a Pink kick. i think it was because they were learning about pink at school.  I can't say I'm a great artist, but I think I did pretty well.  Fun huh?  Oh and we did orange too.  since it was halloween. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Movie Night-Ghostbusters & Wassail-OLD

We had a fun movie night with our friend Jazmine Reed.  You have probably seen her a lot.  We drank hot wassail (have you made my recipe yet?) and watched Ghostbusters, of course.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Church Halloween Party

 This is our church Halloween party. Brian was gone so it was just me.  remember the police costume we bought for Spencer? :) Because I was so busy, I, of course, in true Christy fashion, work better under last minute.  I printed out these Thomas logos, laminated them and quickly sewed them onto his costume.  He was in HEAVEN! he thought he was the bomb-diggity. :)

It was just us for the night.  The girls were at their middle school Halloween dance.  I had to leave in the middle of it to go pick them up so our good friend Natalie thoroughly entertained him.  We have great friends.
Just us for the night

The next two pictures I posted so you could see I could not get this kid to stand still for a picture.  haha.  He is moving in almost every picture.

The parade...

These are some of his favorite people.  Sammy Myers, Eva Lokodi and Natalie Rosenquist (whom he was glued to her side the entire night.  She was so nice to watch him while I ran to pick the girls up from their halloween dance).

His girlfriend, Sophie Myers.  Isn't she beautiful?
And yes, that's what the winner of best chili at the Chili Cookoff looks like!

This is why I couldn't pull spencer away to leave.  His new trick.

Visiting Spencer at School-October

I just absolutely love Spencer's special needs class at the elementary school. His teacher, Ms. Bradford, comes up with some fun stuff and she, along with the speech teacher, Ms. Barron, and the Occupational Therapist, Ms. Hauer have done wonders with him.  I'm always amazed by the accomplishments he's making while there.  In this first picture he would never have touched play dough. But now he is.  Because it was october, they played with orange pumpkin playdough.  They were supposed to flatten it then roll it into balls to place on the pumpkin.

In the next few pictures, it was singing time and I loved spencer's actions to them all. :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Collecting Fall Leaves-OLD

One day we needed leaves to complete our front door display.  There were so many falling all around us that we took our copper bucket and went leaf hunting.  We found big leaves and small leaves, mostly all yellow and orange leaves, but some red leaves.  We had so much fun picking them up, and even more fun throwing them at each other.

I love these pictures so much.  I know there are a lot that look like they are exactly the same.  But to me they have lots of different details.  And I want it in my blog book. :)  

Spencer's recording himself

I find pictures like this all the time.

And he loves potty words.  It's like he has a NEED to say them. We have tried everything to get him to stop.  But he thinks it's just hilarious.  Even so that he recorded himself doing it while under a blanket.