Monday, October 1, 2012

Planting Carrots in the Fall

One of our favorite families in our church, the Rosenquists, invited us over to their house one day.  Spencer adores her children, probably because they are kind, genuine and have special needs children.  One of her sons is into trains more than Spencer is and he is willing to let Spencer play trains for hours on end.  Susie, the mom, has taken a special interest in Spencer, and just seems to know what children need and when they need it.  Halfway through one of our playdates she led him outside to show him some ground windowboxes she had growing outside.  She pulled a green leafy top and revealed beautiful orange carrots underneath the soil. She let him take one home and ever since then he has been chattering all about planing carrots.  So I figured, why not? It's Fall, not the season, but he wants to plant them? We'll plant them. 

I love all of these pictures because you can see his little hands taking the fine tiny seeds to pour them in.  He has checked them every day and surely they have started to grow. I bet, however, once the winter sun goes away behind the clouds, they will stop growing.  Guess we'll have to plant more in the spring. :)

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Kerstin said...

Did anything grow at all? Why don't you try cress? It doesn't matter which temperature, because you can grow them inside on wet cotton balls and they grow a lot faster, so Spencer won't have to wait too long.