Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BUNCO-Party 1 of 3

Whew!  Party #1 of 3 this week. This was Wednesday night.  I'm happy everyone planned their parties done earlier in the month but they sure made for a busy week.

So, here goes... A few months back I was invited by my good friend, Khadisha (seen in the middle below).  Without going into too much detail about how she and I and Lindsey are all friends, just know we're great friends!  And I'm jealous that Khadisha and Lindsey are next door neighbors, but I digress.

Come October, the Bunco group was holding a Halloween Bunco night.  We had to dress up and of course I had no qualms about wearing my 70's outfit with Brian's afro wig.  It was epic. :) 

As  you can tell from the pictures below, we had a crazy party and I even won for funniest costume!  

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