Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marnie's Halloween Archaeology Night-Party 2 of 3-OLD

Marnie is a friend of mine here in Germany. She is seriously one of the most amazing women I know.  She puts on parties that would put people to shame and her creative eye is one to admire.  I'm always flattered when she asks me to come help her with her parties because I feel like she's already got everything taken care of and I nowhere near measure up to her. :) 

Having said that, I always have a really great time. We've been in the kitchen sometimes running around trying to figure out how to salvage burnt cheese fondue, or concocting wassail from the potpourri she had been burning all night. It's always a great time at Marnie's house.  

So, this party is one she had because a couple who are of hers were visiting from the states. The husband is an archaeology professor at BYU and he comes over here frequently to take groups on tours of the Holy Land.  The couple had their layover here in Germany so Marnie invited people to come over and listen to a presentation of some archaeology facts and how they relate to scripture.  She decided that since this was going to be her only Halloween party, she would decorate it in that theme.  Look how fabulous it turned out!

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