Monday, June 29, 2009

Again...We LOVE LOVE LOVE Visitors

So, right before I took off to California, my sister Heather came out to visit. It was quite funny how she ended up out here, but a long story I won't go into. To make it short, the real reason she was coming out got canceled, but much to my pleasure she came out anyway! We had the most amazing R&R! But don't let me tell you about it. Let her. She blogged about it.

I purposely didn't do the specific "Sierra Vista post" link cuz I want you to go directly to her blog and see the post that was right above called "Guess Who". I have seen it probably 15 times and have laughed til I cried every time. I know you guys don't know the people, but it's still a good laugh. Try and find my picture.

Anyway, to find the Sierra Vista vacation post scroll down beneath that post and you'll find all about her trip to Sierra Vista.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quote of The Day

While Spencer and I were at Target yesterday, we passed a little girl about 4 years old. She was smiling at Spencer and told her mom how cute he was. Then she made the statement of the year, pretty much stating the obvious, "Mom, look at that baby. I mean (as she quieted her voice to a whisper) look at the GROWN-UP baby."

haha. Yup. He looks like grown up doesn't he.

It was pointed out to me that I forgot Spencer's recent 12 month stats. We just had him measured and weighed at the doctor's office. Here they are:

Height: 32.5 inches (over the 100th percentile)
Weight: 26.6 pounds (95th percentile)
Biggest Growing Pain Right Now: Cutting 6 teeth, including his molars and canines. (He's been doing this for about a month. It's only recently that it's actually bothering him a lot. He's non-stop crying and chewing on things, including his mommy's shoulder.)
Current Medical Prognosis: To be referred to an eye doctor so they can try probing the tear duct to pop out whatever is clogging it. If that doesn't work, they may need to do surgery to place a small shunt to keep it drained.
Favorite Pasttime: Playing with his new Thomas pop-up toy (thanks Brenna!) and swimming/climbing in his new pool. (Sorry California peeps. He's not playing with the toys you gave him. I had to leave them in California. No room in my baggage for the plane. No worries. Mom's bringing them to Utah where we'll meet up). Oh, and climbing up on everything, including over mom's shoulder, up the couch and over the piano bench.

K. Well that's it! We're all sickies in this house. Brian's got what I call a "Jet Lag Headache" (he gets them almost every time he comes back from a trip), Spencer's doing his teething thing, and I've got a bad head cold. Hopefully it goes away by Thursday when we leave again on a trip...this time to Utah.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

How We Spent Father's Day

I caught some pictures of our Father's Day event. People doing the typical thing they usually do at these parties. This is "Dad" father. He's sitting waiting to open presents. And like usual, he's playing songs with his hand. He can get some pretty good tunes goin! hahaha. I GUESS that's a fun way to pass the time.

Scotty, giving kisses to his Ollie.

3 Cute Little Girls...Clara, Ruby & Piper

Nan & Scott. I think I caught them deep in conversation on how they could successfully, and unnoticeably, sneak out to a movie, or even better- upstairs to take a nap.

Max, trying to bide the time with video games cuz his cousins Xoe & Xanthe couldn't make it this year.

Ben, schooling Ruby on how to pass the next level of iphone Tetris. (Ya, I have no idea what they were doing)

Scott, Ben & Nan, siblings showing their excitement for present opening. Actually, it might just be the Almond Joys and Hot Tamales we all give dad as a Connie Chung gift (a gift that we actually wanted) and enjoyed eating as the present opening was continued.

There they are! Grandpa made sure he found the girls on YoGabba so they could be there in spirit. That scene was frozen on the T.V. for awhile.

Spencer finding his new love of climbing up on things. He went up about 5 stairs after that before I didn't want him to go up anymore. I 'm sure he would have crawled all the way to the top if I'd have let him. Wow, he's really movin fast now that he's got the hang of crawling.

Grammy reading one of Spencer's new books, while donning his first baseball hat. How well does he pull that look off! I think he's pretty handsome.

The cutest little boy in the world! (I might be a little biased)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Spencer's One-Year of Life RECAP

Our little Spencer is 1 year old. Let's take a look back at his life.

Our Announcement to our family and friends

The Night Before...
Quote of the Day: "This kid has no idea how his world is gonna be rocked." Mommy

My First Little Picture
"0 months"

The Day I Got Home

My Baby Blessing Picture

"1 month"

"2 months"

"3 months"

"4 months"

"5 months"

"6 months"

"7 months"

"8 months"

"9 months"

"10 months"

"11 months"

"12 months"

Some More Spencer 12 Month Pictures

Thursday, June 25, 2009

12 MONTHS-Happy Birthday Spencer

Can you believe it's been a year? I can't. I can't even imagine what it was like a year ago without this little boy. I love him to death!

Anyway, at Harrison's graduation party, Harrison so graciously said it was okay to have a double party with Spencer. It wasn't really a "party" cuz I promised Brian I wouldnt' celebrate his 1 year birthday too much before he got back. But I wanted to at least acknowledge it, and get pictures. Plus, true to form, my sisters all got him presents. So he HAD to open them. heehee.

He was a little unsure of all these crazy, wide-eyed people standing around him singing really loudly. He looked a little like he was going to cry.

He also doesn't like cold things. And I had gotten him an ice cream cake. So, he was a little hesitant about diving in. But soon, he was enjoying it

Did I ever mention his love for "Thomas" now? So, he's branching out a little. It's YoGabba, Baby Einstein and Thomas. This makes Brian really happy since Brian even has a major collectible train set of his own. So, is "Thomas" socially acceptable still? Hahahaha.
He loved his wrapping paper. Probably more than the presents. Ruth wrapped hers in Thomas and Nan wrapped hers in Baby Einstein. All hits with Spencer!

And he loved the tags especially (Silly boy...)

Nan made this amazing picture book with all of our family's pictures. He has had a really fun time looking through it...especially of his dad who he hasn't seen in awhile.

By the way, thank you to everyone for the awesome gifts! Clothes, toys, swim trunks. He loved them all!

More People pictures...
Who knew that all it took for the kids to have fun were sparkly hats, Mardi Gras necklaces (in Harrison's school colors) and balloons for the kids to blow up? Who needs to plan games?