Monday, June 29, 2009

Again...We LOVE LOVE LOVE Visitors

So, right before I took off to California, my sister Heather came out to visit. It was quite funny how she ended up out here, but a long story I won't go into. To make it short, the real reason she was coming out got canceled, but much to my pleasure she came out anyway! We had the most amazing R&R! But don't let me tell you about it. Let her. She blogged about it.

I purposely didn't do the specific "Sierra Vista post" link cuz I want you to go directly to her blog and see the post that was right above called "Guess Who". I have seen it probably 15 times and have laughed til I cried every time. I know you guys don't know the people, but it's still a good laugh. Try and find my picture.

Anyway, to find the Sierra Vista vacation post scroll down beneath that post and you'll find all about her trip to Sierra Vista.


Randi said...

I love the pictures on her blog. She should post a normal picture of each of the people so we can see what they look like when they are not deformed. It was fun getting to know Heather better. I'm glad she came out to spend time with you while everyone was away.

Heather said...

fun fun! It was fun to get to know you too Randi!

Bee and Rose said...

Off to check it out!