Thursday, June 25, 2009

12 MONTHS-Happy Birthday Spencer

Can you believe it's been a year? I can't. I can't even imagine what it was like a year ago without this little boy. I love him to death!

Anyway, at Harrison's graduation party, Harrison so graciously said it was okay to have a double party with Spencer. It wasn't really a "party" cuz I promised Brian I wouldnt' celebrate his 1 year birthday too much before he got back. But I wanted to at least acknowledge it, and get pictures. Plus, true to form, my sisters all got him presents. So he HAD to open them. heehee.

He was a little unsure of all these crazy, wide-eyed people standing around him singing really loudly. He looked a little like he was going to cry.

He also doesn't like cold things. And I had gotten him an ice cream cake. So, he was a little hesitant about diving in. But soon, he was enjoying it

Did I ever mention his love for "Thomas" now? So, he's branching out a little. It's YoGabba, Baby Einstein and Thomas. This makes Brian really happy since Brian even has a major collectible train set of his own. So, is "Thomas" socially acceptable still? Hahahaha.
He loved his wrapping paper. Probably more than the presents. Ruth wrapped hers in Thomas and Nan wrapped hers in Baby Einstein. All hits with Spencer!

And he loved the tags especially (Silly boy...)

Nan made this amazing picture book with all of our family's pictures. He has had a really fun time looking through it...especially of his dad who he hasn't seen in awhile.

By the way, thank you to everyone for the awesome gifts! Clothes, toys, swim trunks. He loved them all!

More People pictures...
Who knew that all it took for the kids to have fun were sparkly hats, Mardi Gras necklaces (in Harrison's school colors) and balloons for the kids to blow up? Who needs to plan games?


ruth said...

It was fun celebrating his B-day! Did you need me to photoshop a 12 month pic? I can't remember. Or did you figure it out.

Randi said...

You need a picture with a 12! Or would it be a 1? I don't know. Happy Birthday little boy. We miss you.

Heather said...

cute pic of us :) we miss you guys!