Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just sent Xoe & Xanthe on a plane to Utah for 6 weeks.

Brian is in Korea for 4 weeks.

I have here an empty house, peace & quiet, and a sleeping 11 month old baby.

What's a girl to do?

Watch the Season Finale to "Grey's Anatomy"...again (cuz yes it was that good.)
Watch the Season Finale to "The Office"...again (cuz yes it was THAT good.)
Or...curl up with "Wicked" (cuz yes it is that good.)

Choices, choices.

Wonder what's on the menu for tomorrow. It's a whole smorgasbord. I don't EVEN know where to begin. Got any ideas for me?


Katie Schultz said...

Get some magic shell and your favorite Ice cream, and pound it with 1,2, &3 season of Arrested Development . That is a perfectly unproductive day for me.

Randi said...

I think you should party like it's 1999! That is what I would do if I were you.

ruth said...

I hate you

Katie Schultz said...

ha ha to ruth's comment! She is in the thick of things, just coming home from a trip, with a wrecked up house and needy kids, making up for lost time.

Alicia said...

Do it all! Live it up! Party like a ROCK STAR!