Sunday, May 31, 2009

Only a couple more Germany Posts

We did a few more things while in Germany (can you believe it?). Brian really spoiled us with places to go. He had a whole idea in his mind for the weekends. There aren't that many posts left, and then I have so many other things that have been happening while we've been home, for future posts. Fun stuff, huh?


This is what we came to see. The famous Triberg Waterfall (this is only the bottom 1/4 of's very large). When Brian was here before, he drove up by himself (it's a 2 1/2 hour drive) just to see it. This waterfall, located in the town of "Triberg" is nestled within the midst of the Black Forest (and if you'll remember, it was on the way here that we stopped at the alpine mountain slides mentioned in my previous post).

Triberg is a tiny little town. So cute and quaint. we saw so many people walking around in Liederhosen (which were mostly uniforms for their jobs at a restaurant or hotel). Xoe & Xanthe SERIOUSLY wanted some. They are very expensive though. I hope they don't remember to keep my word on our bargain for me to make them some. Maybe that's what they could be for Halloween.

It's also the home to LOTS of cuckoo clocks..

Look how ornate the details are. I'm not kidding. There were thousands...just in one store... and there were hundreds of stores along the way. And these clocks ranged from $500 to $2,000. And you KNOW I was like a little kid in there. The girls and I went around moving them to the 12:00 position to get them all to start playing. hahaha.

Before we went up to the waterfall, we ate at pizzas at a little stand nearby.

I couldn't help myself with this next picture... Cow Udder Condiments. Wooooow. Smart, though.
The hike to the waterfall was a pretty good one. There are four different levels. We got to the first one, no problem, but Brian and Xanthe wanted to keep climbing, Xoe didn't. I remember not being a very active child because of my health problems as a kid, so I could relate with Xoe. But I also remember what got me through it. I taught her to look at her feet and just say "Pow, pow, pow, pow!!!" with every step. Seems silly, but it worked. She was havin fun with it, not focusing on how far we had to go and got up to the next level no problem. They even both found some pretty cool walking sticks along the way.

More People Pictures...

The next picture is our view down from the second level. If you look to the left AND the right, those are the pathways we climbed to get here. They don't look steep when you look from this view, but they really were. Brian carried Spencer the whole way! Dang! And after these pathways, it got even steeper, narrower (is that a word) and muddier.
Isn't this view beautiful?

Finally, a picture with me in it. :)

This is pretty much what Spencer did the same time. He's obsessed with Brian's necklaces and buttons.

I just liked the next picture. :) Aren't they so cute. Especially cuz at that point, they were dazed and mesmerized (not confused) watching the waterfall.

Everything was so green and lush. It was so nice, especially compared the desert where we live.

At the end of our hike, they had these fun jungle gyms made out of rope and wood.

Brian took this picture. He's becoming a real good photographer.
After we were finished here, we headed back to Heidelberg/Leimen (where we were staying), but on the way home, we also hit the alpine slides again. Do you remember in my last post that it started raining while we were on the slides, and Brian and Xanthe got drenched. Well, it was still raining when we finally arrived at home. The girls took advantage and did a few rain dances.

Next Stop: The Neuschwanstein Castle (the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland)

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Randi said...

What a beautiful setting! I love going to the waterfall in Oregon. That little town is so cute. It is nice that you got to see some of the natural beauty Germany has to offer.