Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spencer's 10 Months!!!

I figured I better post these pictures before he turns 11 months in a couple of days. :) I took these the third day we were here, but we took off to Paris, so that trip kind of hogged my blog.

And ya, does it not count if it doesn't have the number "10" amongst all the pictures? We were here at this amazing park and I just couldn't help myself. He LOVES the park.

This park is one of probably 40 HUGE playgrounds on the small base here in Mannheim. It's amazing how many playgrounds they have. I'll take some pictures and post them another time. It's like a playground amusement park. You can run from one playground to another. They're set in between each set of apartment buildings (aka barracks).

Here are some things about Spencer since last month's update:

1. He weighs about the same...24 pounds and is 31 inches long. He has really thinned out.

2. Still not crawling, but can turn himself around in a sitting position.

3. He is already getting his first two molars, as well as two more top teeth.

4. He has not eaten "solid foods" for 3 months. Sure, he'll eat a few bits that we feed him from our plate, but not a lot. I would consider those just tiny "snacks". Between his two chest colds and constant teething, he wont' eat anything solid. I have been a little bit concerned but trying not to get stressed. Hopefully he doesn't become a snob and not take solids altogether for a long time. (I've read it happens. :) )

5. He is a very giggly baby. Laughs all the time. He hardly ever cries, and when he does you know it's cuz he's having bowel problems...he gets horribly constipated sometimes to the point where I have to help him. It's very sad. Guess it runs in the family.

6. He's gotten really into Thomas the Tank Engine. Must run in the family too cuz Brian has always been into trains. He collected thousands of dollars worth of hobby trains when he was younger.

7. He likes to stick out his tongue and then sort of chew on it. A teething thing.
8. He's a total daddy's boy. I got so sad one day when I picked him up and he immediately reached for Brian. He gets so excited when Brian comes home. Maybe I should go away for months at a time. :)

He still has his goobery eye. I'm still hoping it'll go away soon. Nothing I do helps.

9. He still likes to chew on things..but mostly material. However, he has graduated into the rubber on the swing. See below. (Rest assured, Nanette, he had already tried doing it before and I scrubbed the new swingset with a antibacterial wipe.)

Here he is eyeing it...
And goin in for the kill...

10. We think he might be gravitating towards being left handed. If I hand him something close to his right hand, he still reaches with his left hand to get it. He picks up his food with his left hand and he turns the pages with that hand too.
11. He loves to get outdoors. Which is good for me because I tend to be a hermit...but wishing I'd motivate myself to get out of the house. When he's grouchy, I know I can take him outside or for a walk and he'll be in heaven.
12. We must take a lot of pictures of him because he knows where the camera is and is happy to smile for it whenever we point it at him. It makes for great pictures!

I seriously love this kid. He is so even keeled and makes life so much happier in our household. Happy 10 Months Spencer...
Now I'll post his 11 month pictures in a few days. hahaha. J/K. I haven't even taken them yet. Til next month!


ruth said...

He is so dang cute. I would love to see what a spray tan would look like on that milky skin. I think Harper and now way the same. I took him in a week ago and he was 24 pounds.

Randi said...

I miss you guys. He is so cute. I can't believe he had that bar in his mouth. Babies are so gross. Can't wait to see his 11 month pictures.