Monday, May 25, 2009


Some people have asked what we did during the week when Brian was at work. I thought I would post a few pictures of different "normal" things we did.


There are so many army bases all around the Germany area. And because there are a lot of young kids there, they have built a bunch of playgrounds on the base (as mentioned in my previous post). On one of the bases, however, there was the most amazing playground. I didn't even get good pictures of it. It's double the size of what's in the pictures below. What do you think the kids thought when they saw this?

Making Up Dances

The girls loved the songs at the end of the "Thomas the Train" videos. They would make up the silliest dances and perform them for Spencer, since Spencer was the perfect audience. He giggled at anything they did..



Blogging, "Toontown", Email, "Switchin", "", Homeschooling Work, etc.

These are all the things we did with the computers. Brian just "happened" to have brought two extra laptops for his project, but we were able to use them when he didn't need them. So, we were totally taken care of when it came to computers. As long as our internet was working. :)

Playing with Toys

They have a thrift store that we spotted one time as we were eating on the base. I got a few toys for Spencer to play with. Remember the piano in the New York toy store? Well, he loved this one too!

He loved this yarn ball of the girls'. I think cuz he was teething his back teeth, he would put this in his mouth and then pull it out through the space behind his front teeth. It felt good along his back gums.

Things I don't have pictures for:
1. Oh, well we did venture out on our own a few times. You'll be seeing some of those events. Also, we went to the base Brian was working on a lot and played on the playground. The girls met a few kids there that they looked forward to seeing often.

2. Homeschooling

3. Going on walks in our cute little town

4. Visiting Brian at his work

5. Making 4 batches of chocolate chip cookies for Brian's work (Ya, try that not knowing how to work the German oven very well, and using the most random utensils you could find in the apartment, in a kitchen the size of my bathroom. :))

Some extra cute pictures of Spencer hanging out at the apartment


Randi said...

I so bad want to go to that playground! That looks like the Disneyland of playgrounds. Glad you were able to keep busy with so many fun things while Brian was working.

Bee and Rose said...

My kids would blow a gasket if they saw that playground!