Monday, May 11, 2009

WRAPPING UP: Dancing in the Streets

I have a silly family. Every time I'd say, "Okay, pose!"...this is what I got...

These pictures didn't have any specific place to be (even though they are on the way to something, like the Eiffel Tower)...I just thought it'd be fun to give them their own post.

If you can't fight em, join em.

Xanthe made lots of funny faces. I only posted one of many.

Wrap-Up Ruminations on Paris, France
1. Drivers are crazy there. They put Californians and Utahns to shame. It doesn't help that there are almost no markings on the road for lanes, but when going through a roundabout, I don't think there are any rules. And if there are, no one abides by them. They're all just kind of wandering back and forth around and around. Brian and I actually chuckled most of the time at how crazy people were.
2. Parking is horrible. I'm not kidding, you have to have wheels that turn to the side to slide you rigth in to a parking space. Brian pulled some sort of skill out of his arse to fit into these spaces. I wish I would have taken a picture at some of his parking jobs. I am still amazed to this day at how he weasled his way without hitting any cars in the process. One time he ended up with one tire up on the curb, but hey, he pulled the most impossible off. My butt was clinched the whole time and my head was in my hands. Amazing.

3. The crepes are amazing. Did I already mention that? I totally take for granted I didn't eat more at the little stand in the mall in California when I lived in Hollywood/Sherman Oaks. I totally thought they were wanna-bes, but they were totally the real thing. The girls and I have looked everywhere here for them, cuz someone swore they get them all the time while they're in Germany. Liars.
4. It's REEEEEEALLY expensive in Paris. Wow. We ran out of formula, diapers and wipes while we were there and Brian had to go buy them. (It doesn't help that all the stores were closed so he had to go to a convenience store, BUT they still put our convenience stores to shame). It was about 40 Euro for all three things. The small pack of diapers was 16 Euro, the small, small, small can of formula was 15 Euro and wipes were 6.55 Euro. Convert it and that's about $65 US Dollars! The meals all cost us around 50 Euro and parking was just as expensive too. Obviously, if I lived there I would know the best places to park (right Heather. :) ). But as a tourist we paid the premium. :)
5. According to Spencer, the French formula is so much better than America's. He downed the French formula so much quicker than our regular kind. It might have been partly due to the fact that we were probably mixing it incorrectly cuz we didn't understand French. American formula is a 2 parts water to 1 part mix, whereas the French one we bought was 1 to 1. So, I wasn't putting quite enough formula in and it was probably watered down for awhile...until I figured it out and started making it thicker.
All in all, I still loved Paris. The people are so nice (unlike much of the stereotype some of the Americans have of the French) and it is a beautiful country. Definitely a stop if anyone is making a trip to Europe.


ruth said...

I totally agree with the people in Paris. They were so nice. The only thing I hated(and it might have changed since then) was there was dog poop every where. I stepped in it twice!!!! But I do miss the crepes. I dream about them.

Alicia said...

I love this post. It makes me feel more sane... does that make sense?
I've been meaning to tell you: Sorry for potentially ruining "Wicked" (the book) for you...I'm still really happy I read it. I thought so much of it awesome; just disappointed in the ending. I'd love to hear your thoughts if and when you do finish it. That is... when you're not globe-trotting. So jealous.