Monday, May 11, 2009

WRAPPING UP PARIS: Landscape & Hotel

I know I've done a lot of posts about Paris. I hope you guys have enjoyed them. I have some random miscellaneous pictures that I wanted to post before I move on. Here goes!


I had to take a picture of these signs. My mom's name is Nancy and from Paris, almost all the way to the border of France & Germany (a few hundred miles), every sign was leading you to the city of Nancy. haha. It was so fun.

And of course, I had to take a picture leading to EuroDisney. Everyone told us we needed to go, but I assured them we got our fill of Disneyland by having season passes to the California one, as well as living only 15 minutes from it. It was still fun to see signs.

There was the most amazing landscape driving through the countryside. Signs leading to all the castles and historical sites, green trees and rolling hills for miles (or kilometers...I've almost gotten used to using metric while over here). But the most amazing thing is something they have here in Germany too, but in France this landscaping was in more abundance. To the point where you thought their land was completely made of it.

Beautiful blowing yellow flowers. It's like they harvest it. It is in perfect square patches... sometimes small patches, sometimes huge areas of the beautiful flower. I told Brian I would find out for him what it is. Kerstin? You live here. What do you guys do with it? It sometimes leaves a layer of yellow dust on the cars. It is so pretty to see as you're driving by. While we were driving France, it became almost mesmerizing watching the crop swaying as it blew in the wind.

It was hard to catch a great picture as we were flying by, even with the "Sport" mode on our camera. I got a pretty good one too, but uploaded on here it didn't turn out so good. Hmmm...Anyway, you get the idea.

Hilton Orly Hotel

Look how amazing our hotel was. It was a Hilton right by the airport. It was so funny the first night we got there while we were trying to find it. It was so late at night and the navigation lady sent us through the airport parking lot. It became very tense driving there, but once we did it was so worth it.

It's a good thing Xanthe took pictures.

We all had to stay in the same room, even though brian had made reservations for two separate ones. They had given ours away, but made it up to us by giving us a junior suite with two roll away beds. It was a very posh hotel. The restaurant maitre d' (I don't know how to spell that word) and servers were so proper. I was very impressed.

Xoe and Xanthe were quite funny the whole time. I had made the mistake of telling them why Paris Hilton was rich, and what her connection was to the hotel we were staying in. They kept thinking that that hotel was the only one around, and that Paris was going to show up at any moment. And kept asking about her father and whether or not he worked at that hotel. I kept explaining that they have thousands of hotels all over the world, and her father probably barely steps inside a hotel except when he's traveling. They just really wanted a glimpse of her. They got over it when I taught them how to play in the electronic revolving door. That only moved by the sensors. They used their "Heelys" to roll through it and try to get it to stop while they were inside. I'm glad it's so easy to get their minds off things. :)

I also had to take a picture of the next scene. When we got there the first night, I was desperate to keep Spencer asleep (my sisters can relate)while I waited for Brian to bring the portacrib up. He had to run and move the car so I didn't have anywhere to put Spencer while I set up the portacrib. Can you tell where he is? Desperation, I tell you. :)

I want to post some pictures of the funny sillyness while walking the streets of Paris, but didn't have any specific site to belong to. But I'll do them on the next post so as to keep them separated. See below. This will be my last post for Paris.

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Kerstin said...

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