Sunday, July 26, 2009


Still reporting the Utah trip...last post.

One of the days we were there, Brian's Aunt Caroline Sasine set up a swim party/BBQ at her son's house in South Jordan. He has this beautiful huge home with an indoor swimming pool, so the whole family took a fun leisurely dip before we ate. Well, actually they were throwing people in, swinging from the rope, sliding down the water slide and shooting each other with water guns. That's what you get when you have 5 boys in a family, and you get them back together after not having seen each other for a long time.

Did I mention Spencer LOOOOOOOVES to swim. He loves the jacuzzi, the pool, anything. He could stay in for hours. It's a good thing Brian was willing to go in with him. I'm not big on swimming pools for some reason. Maybe it's the fact that my skin is so paper thin (it seems like) and they always feel icy cold to me. I can do a jacuzzi any time though. Woo hoo!

Do you see all that hair Spencer is getting? How cute is THAT!

How cute is this little girl? This is Taylor Nicole Martin (Brian's sister's first little girl after having three boys)

The house has a running brook behind it that have ducks who wander into your backyard. We had a great time throwing bread to them. Spencer especially loved it and was so enthralled.

This is the pathway behind the house. You can "kind of" see the house on the right.

Yup, this is Spencer watching all the ducks from afar. And there you see me in the background watching too. I just finished jumping on the trampoline with all the kids. I guess I should show my "fun" side a little more often. Cuz when the kids came to jump with me, they were, at first, dumbfounded that a "frumpy old mom" (at least that's what I would have thought of me when I was that little) would be jumping on the tramp having a good time. I think they thought I had lost my mind. haha.

And to end our Utah post, here is a little video. My battery ran out after a few seconds, but you get the jist. Nicole and I were laughing so hard. I just don't know if this is normal...

Her husband, Sheldon, and Brian got ADDICTED to Wii Sports. I'm giggling just remembering them jumping all over the place and getting winded after only one game. hahaha.

And I'll leave you with that...memory of two grown men acting like four year olds. :)

Oquirrh Utah Temple Open House

While we were in Utah, we were able to walk through our LDS Temple before it was to be dedicated. It was such a neat experience. I realized how "used to" the massiveness of the Los Angeles Temple because it felt very odd that everything was on such a smaller scale. I realized I've only been to a handful of small temples, but have mostly participated in things at the L.A. Temple.

Anyway, this was such a pretty temple and it was great that a lot of Brian's family was able to go with us. Here are some fun pictures of that day.

Oh, and these pictures were taken in a tent right outside the exit of the temple where people could go and eat cookies and water and just visit. It was decorated really nice which made the whole ambiance and experience that much better.

I guess I didn't have very many useable pictures while we were there. I just loved these ones of the little boys cuz they were all just being so cute (and a little bit naughty, of course in a cute way. They were hiding behind the chairs and curtains to eat their cookies. I think it's so funny! Gotta love little boys!)

Friday, July 24, 2009


How could you get mad at that face?

And yes, I sat and watched him do it. I thought it was so funny. Mostly because he wasn't being naughty, he was just so curious. You could see his excitement cuz he started pulling faster and faster when he realized another one would pop out the minute he pulled the first one out.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Early Anniversary Present

My husband rocks! It seems like every year my celebration presents (birthday, Christmas, Valentine's, anniversary, etc.) always come early...and believe me, I DON'T MIND! I love it. Last night he surprised me with this for our three year wedding anniversary:

Ya, so it's not a diamond necklace, sappy love note, etc. I don't care! I'm so excited! Cuz I've been asking for this and he knows that I have wanted it since my life was changed when I visited California and my cousin Julia let me sew on her serger. I haven't wanted to sew at all on a regular sewing machine since I've been home. Sewing simple stitches on a regular sewing machine feels like walking down the street with balls and chains tied to my ankles. haha.

Well, now all I have to do is learn how to thread it! Good thing it comes with a DVD!

Oh, and Brian assures me that this isn't even my BIG present. The next one was shipped today and should be here next week. It's like 3 weeks before our wedding anniversary. He is driving me crazy that he wants things to be a "surprise." Probably cuz he knows how bad I am with surprises.

Ya, I'm the worst person with surprises. When someone tries to surprise me and I know they are trying to, it drives me nuts (arrrrgh.....) and I beg them to tell me. And if I buy a present early for someone else and try to surprise them, it will drive me nuts (arrrrgh....sorry, I can't stop). I just want to give it to the person right away. So, ya I'm horrible with surprises.

Well, Brian is too good with them. He keeps saying "hypothetically if I got you 'this (insert amazing gift idea here', would you want it early, or on our anniversary."

My response: "Duh!!!!! That's the stupidest question ever (ya, Alicia, I know "stupidest" is not a word hehe). EARLY every time!"

Wow. He rocks! Wouldn't you agree?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another ONE-YEAR Birthday Party

Remember? Brian was gone for Spencer's first birthday. He was really excited to have a party for Spencer when he got back. And what better way to do it than with Brian's family when we were visiting in Utah?!

Oh, and Spencer was really sick from his immunizations (so we think) so in the pictures he doesn't look too happy.

We had a "Thomas the Train" party. But because we were so busy over the weekend with the 50th Anniversary Party going on, I didn't have time to go to a party store to get things with that theme. It is a DARN good thing my sister in law, who's house we were having it at, had ordered the cake for us a few days before, AND best of all, just happened to have a "Thomas" shower curtain, which we conveniently used for our tablecloth. Don't worry, I antibacterial-cleaned it like three times.

The day after the party was Grandpa Pethel's 79 year birthday. So, we thought they could celebrate together!

Spencer started to REALLY like the special personal-sized cupcake.

Meet Jake. This is our friends, Blaine & Alicia's darling little boy! He and Spencer hit it off immediately!

We tried to get a good picture of them together, but since Spencer was feeling under the weather, he was a bit grouchy. But Jake didn't seem to care. He was way more focused on swallowing the "Thomas" toy from the cake.

These are the proud parents, Blaine & Alicia
Thanks guys for coming out! It was so great to see you!

People Pictures

Brett (Brian's brother) and his wife, Johanna

Xanthe, the cutie

Brian's two sisters, Lori & Nicole

Lori's husband, Phil, and my dad Harry

My little brother, Harrison, and my mom

And the best picture to finish off the night...
My dad...he who needed some well-deserved sleep from all the hard work saving my butt both nights...

Thanks everyone for coming to Spencer's party! We had such a good time visiting with all of you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Reasons-Q&A Session

Here are answers to many of the questions I've been asked about our Germany trip...

1. Why are we going to Germany?
Brian accepted a job offer (he works for the Army) that he purposely applied for in Mannheim, Germany. But after a few months we'll be moving to Wiesbaden (about an hour north). He will be managing all the new computer internet systems that he just installed while he was there the last 6 times.

2. Are the girls going with us?
Yup. They are just as excited. They're going to miss everyone back in the States but because we'll be coming back so often (hopefully) they'll be able to visit.

3. How often will you be coming back to the States?
Hopefully Christmas, and the summer. The girls will split the time between Utah and California (their dad is in Utah and my family is in California).

4. Will you and the girls be learning German?
Not going to a German school, but they'll be learning German. We'll be living off of the army base so we'll have plenty of opportunity to learn the language, plus the best thing is that the girls are very excited to learn a new language so that'll make them learn it quicker and more successfully.

5. Will the girls be going to a German school?
No. Even though we'll be living off of the base, they can go to an American school on the base. We considered enrolling them in an International School where they teach partially in English and partially in German, but it was like $15,000 a year.

6. How long will we live there?
3 years. We have the option of staying longer (in 2 year increments) but want to get back before the girls go to high school as well as have "return rights" for Brian's job.

7. Where will you go when you move back?
Well, we'll be renting out our house in Sierra Vista, so we'll have a house there. But Brian would ultimately like to end up in Utah. So we'll see.

8. Will you be able to shop on the army base?
Yup. We'll be able to get most of the basic things we would shop for in the U.S. I'm sure I'll shop at the German stores too, but it's nice having the advantage of American products.

9. Will Brian be traveling as much as he does now?
No. That was one of the biggest positives that allured him to this move was that he wouldn't be traveling as much overseas. If he does travel it'll just be to the next country or a few cities away so he can come back at night or we can go with him on the weekends.

10. Where will we live in Germany?
For the first two months or so we'll be in a furnished apartment (similar to what we were in before) until our stuff arrives. During that time we'll look for a great house to rent that will have a guest bedroom for all the visitors that will be visiting...wink, wink! Right?!

So, I think that's it. Any more questions you guys can think of?

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Favorite Thing About Summer?

Most of you like the beach, no school for kids, the sun, vacations, etc. Wanna know what my favorite thing is? Starting June 1, ending August 31.

"Mc Donald's $1 LARGE Drinks"
You don't even have to feel guilty not drinking the whole thing.

My secret? Ask for it in the $1 Sweet Iced Tea styrofoam cup. Keeps it colder longer.
And ask for "Xtra Ice". Their "machine-dispensed" ice is so chintsy and it gets warm too fast.
(Sorry California. Not every McD's gives them. Try Glendora. I found them there. Woo hoo!)


My Revelation to All of Y'all Today...Something I just realized while getting ready...

I hate exercise.

Actually...I really enjoy the feeling AFTER I exercise. But it's the BEFORE I exercise that I hate. I already hate getting ready for the day anyway, so to have to get changed TWICE! Whoa...that's asking a lot. hahaha. And if all the "getting ready for" didn't take so long, I'd be good. It just seems like it all takes SO MUCH TIME!

So, if I can just get IN my shoes/exercise clothes/hat/sunglasses/sunscreen, then fill up a water bottle, get Spencer in his stroller with treats/toys/bottle and sunscreen, I'm good to go. (Did I mention I already melt in the sun, and now he does too, because he got my glowing, paper-thin white skin. So, now that it's hot in Arizona, it makes it really hard to get motivated. Even Baby Boot Camp is outside twice a week. Yeesh!)

So! There you go! My Monday Revelation to you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Travelin We Will Go

Click here to view these pictures larger

So, I haven't posted for a long time. We've been traveling a lot. Our latest trip (about 10 days) was to Utah for Brian's parents' 50th Anniversary Party. I didn't get any pictures of my own to post about the party so I was kind of waiting for those. So, take a look and let me know what you think. We haven't gotten the pictures back from the professional photographer who took family pictures that day. I'll post them when we receive the disk. This party was super fun. I didn't get pictures of the siblings all sharing memories, as well as all the visitors, but we had a great time. Almost all the family (we were only missing 4 grandchildren) were there. We had a great time seeing everyone! Happy 50th Mel & Miriam!

Oh and thanks to Harry & Nancy (my parents) for saving the day and helping us get the party ready! They were AWESOME!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is NOT April Fool's Day

If we moved to Germany, would you come visit?

How could you resist those faces? And that view!?!

Well, if you can't, they'll be waiting for you in Heidelberg, Germany come (around) mid-September 2009.

You pay the airfare, we'll provide your accommodations, food and transportation while you're in Heidelberg and surrounding areas. And as an extra bonus, Germany is right in the middle of so many other countries. You can take a 3 1/2 hour train ride to Paris, drive a few hours to Prague, and tour the many castles of Southern Germany. Come on! You know you want to! :)