Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another ONE-YEAR Birthday Party

Remember? Brian was gone for Spencer's first birthday. He was really excited to have a party for Spencer when he got back. And what better way to do it than with Brian's family when we were visiting in Utah?!

Oh, and Spencer was really sick from his immunizations (so we think) so in the pictures he doesn't look too happy.

We had a "Thomas the Train" party. But because we were so busy over the weekend with the 50th Anniversary Party going on, I didn't have time to go to a party store to get things with that theme. It is a DARN good thing my sister in law, who's house we were having it at, had ordered the cake for us a few days before, AND best of all, just happened to have a "Thomas" shower curtain, which we conveniently used for our tablecloth. Don't worry, I antibacterial-cleaned it like three times.

The day after the party was Grandpa Pethel's 79 year birthday. So, we thought they could celebrate together!

Spencer started to REALLY like the special personal-sized cupcake.

Meet Jake. This is our friends, Blaine & Alicia's darling little boy! He and Spencer hit it off immediately!

We tried to get a good picture of them together, but since Spencer was feeling under the weather, he was a bit grouchy. But Jake didn't seem to care. He was way more focused on swallowing the "Thomas" toy from the cake.

These are the proud parents, Blaine & Alicia
Thanks guys for coming out! It was so great to see you!

People Pictures

Brett (Brian's brother) and his wife, Johanna

Xanthe, the cutie

Brian's two sisters, Lori & Nicole

Lori's husband, Phil, and my dad Harry

My little brother, Harrison, and my mom

And the best picture to finish off the night...
My dad...he who needed some well-deserved sleep from all the hard work saving my butt both nights...

Thanks everyone for coming to Spencer's party! We had such a good time visiting with all of you!


Randi said...

I am glad that you explained the numbers on the cake. I was totally confused by the 1 and the 79! I love the last picture of your dad. Isn't that how we all feel after a good party.

Alicia said...

And thank YOU for putting a flattering picture of me on your blog. Seriously... we gotta stick together with this kind of stuff.
Thank you for inviting us and for hanging out with us at the baseball game. I love when you visit and we actually get to spend non-blogging time together.
Those kids or ours are pretty adorable.
BTW, did you ever finish "Wicked"?