Thursday, July 23, 2009

Early Anniversary Present

My husband rocks! It seems like every year my celebration presents (birthday, Christmas, Valentine's, anniversary, etc.) always come early...and believe me, I DON'T MIND! I love it. Last night he surprised me with this for our three year wedding anniversary:

Ya, so it's not a diamond necklace, sappy love note, etc. I don't care! I'm so excited! Cuz I've been asking for this and he knows that I have wanted it since my life was changed when I visited California and my cousin Julia let me sew on her serger. I haven't wanted to sew at all on a regular sewing machine since I've been home. Sewing simple stitches on a regular sewing machine feels like walking down the street with balls and chains tied to my ankles. haha.

Well, now all I have to do is learn how to thread it! Good thing it comes with a DVD!

Oh, and Brian assures me that this isn't even my BIG present. The next one was shipped today and should be here next week. It's like 3 weeks before our wedding anniversary. He is driving me crazy that he wants things to be a "surprise." Probably cuz he knows how bad I am with surprises.

Ya, I'm the worst person with surprises. When someone tries to surprise me and I know they are trying to, it drives me nuts (arrrrgh.....) and I beg them to tell me. And if I buy a present early for someone else and try to surprise them, it will drive me nuts (arrrrgh....sorry, I can't stop). I just want to give it to the person right away. So, ya I'm horrible with surprises.

Well, Brian is too good with them. He keeps saying "hypothetically if I got you 'this (insert amazing gift idea here', would you want it early, or on our anniversary."

My response: "Duh!!!!! That's the stupidest question ever (ya, Alicia, I know "stupidest" is not a word hehe). EARLY every time!"

Wow. He rocks! Wouldn't you agree?


Heather said...

wow jealous! its pretty easy to use...just hard to thread! You need a katie or julia around to show you!

Alicia said...

He DOES rock. And, "stupidest" can be a word. It is to me. Why not?

Rachel said...

what a great husband! you are one lucky lady. happy anniversary!