Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oquirrh Utah Temple Open House

While we were in Utah, we were able to walk through our LDS Temple before it was to be dedicated. It was such a neat experience. I realized how "used to" the massiveness of the Los Angeles Temple because it felt very odd that everything was on such a smaller scale. I realized I've only been to a handful of small temples, but have mostly participated in things at the L.A. Temple.

Anyway, this was such a pretty temple and it was great that a lot of Brian's family was able to go with us. Here are some fun pictures of that day.

Oh, and these pictures were taken in a tent right outside the exit of the temple where people could go and eat cookies and water and just visit. It was decorated really nice which made the whole ambiance and experience that much better.

I guess I didn't have very many useable pictures while we were there. I just loved these ones of the little boys cuz they were all just being so cute (and a little bit naughty, of course in a cute way. They were hiding behind the chairs and curtains to eat their cookies. I think it's so funny! Gotta love little boys!)

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Randi said...

Did you skip church to blog??? I only know that because I did the same. Just kidding. I have never been to an open house before. It is still strange to me to see children in the temple. I also think that it is funny to read the last sentence and then look at the blog below it about Spencer!