Monday, July 20, 2009


My Revelation to All of Y'all Today...Something I just realized while getting ready...

I hate exercise.

Actually...I really enjoy the feeling AFTER I exercise. But it's the BEFORE I exercise that I hate. I already hate getting ready for the day anyway, so to have to get changed TWICE! Whoa...that's asking a lot. hahaha. And if all the "getting ready for" didn't take so long, I'd be good. It just seems like it all takes SO MUCH TIME!

So, if I can just get IN my shoes/exercise clothes/hat/sunglasses/sunscreen, then fill up a water bottle, get Spencer in his stroller with treats/toys/bottle and sunscreen, I'm good to go. (Did I mention I already melt in the sun, and now he does too, because he got my glowing, paper-thin white skin. So, now that it's hot in Arizona, it makes it really hard to get motivated. Even Baby Boot Camp is outside twice a week. Yeesh!)

So! There you go! My Monday Revelation to you.

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Randi said...

I took Brenna on a walk in her stroller today from the house to my school...we were both WET when we got there. I didn't know cute little babies could sweat that much. Dont you love Arizona.