Monday, July 20, 2009

My Favorite Thing About Summer?

Most of you like the beach, no school for kids, the sun, vacations, etc. Wanna know what my favorite thing is? Starting June 1, ending August 31.

"Mc Donald's $1 LARGE Drinks"
You don't even have to feel guilty not drinking the whole thing.

My secret? Ask for it in the $1 Sweet Iced Tea styrofoam cup. Keeps it colder longer.
And ask for "Xtra Ice". Their "machine-dispensed" ice is so chintsy and it gets warm too fast.
(Sorry California. Not every McD's gives them. Try Glendora. I found them there. Woo hoo!)


Randi said...

Just curious...does this fit in with your new diet? I know RB doesn't fit in mine so I am off of soda for a while. I also have to point out that you have been keeping this little secret from me. I had no idea about this amazing deal. Too late now I guess. Here is to smaller jeans!

Alicia said...

Um... I had no idea. I feel like a crap d.c. girl. Plus they have drive through. I'm going tomorrow. Thanks!

Heather said...


Vanessa said...

Agree. 100% I'm there like... everyday, pretty much! Hurray for Diet Coke for a buck!