Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Sorry for those who already got this in email. I added another photo, so I wanted you to get it again.

Our Halloween is over (it's 10:22 p.m. in German).  I'm saddened to my core. Did I ever mention Halloween is my favorite holiday? My Halloween decorations will probably remain up for awhile.  I have pictures of the parties we've been to the past few days, but for now I'll just post about our actual Halloween day.  

This Halloween was super fun because it was the first time Spencer actually caught owhat was going on.  

ACS Trick-or-Treat
Over here on the army base, they have tons of groups that give support to the American military community. One of those groups is the ACS, or Army Community Services. They hold classes for new moms, parent play groups, classes for those looking for work, early development services, German language classes, family advocacy, adult/child abuse services, etc.  This year they offered a small trick-or-treating event through their halls for the young kids to participate in.  Spencer had only trick or treated at our church event so he was still unsure at this point.  But the ACS, THIS place was where the magic happened.  Check out the video. You can tell he's LOVING the concept of Halloween. A boy true to my own heart.

This is us outside right before going in. He's not too thrilled about skipping his nap and it being so sunny (although most of us are ecstatic to see the sun).  Oh, and he's a little German boy, if you couldn't tell. He wouldn't wear his hat, although I got pictures of him in it at the church party.  I'll post those later.  And his jacket will go on in a few pictures.

Here we go through the halls.  This was the best picture I could get.  Oh, and don't hate me. I totally forgot my nice camera.  I'm still pissed about it.

After the party, I had to run up to pick the girls up from school and take them to piano lessons. When I got back, Brian had crossed the street to the Bowling Center and paid for a few games for Spencer since we had some time to kill. He played three games without even getting tired.  Spencer, and only Spencer. He rolled the ball down the kid roller, watched the balls come out of the return, and had fun picking out a rainbow of colored balls and pushing them all down the lane.  It was quite funny to watch. And how cute are those shoes? I want me a pair for him. So did Spencer. He didn't want to take them off.

 After the Bowling Center, Brian and I went to pick up the girls at piano practice.  They had already gotten ready, so we took pictures of them with their friends.

Are you wondering who/what they are?  Well, they're Party Rock Anthem girls.  If you don't know what that is, watch the video below.  They told me there was this girl in the video that looked exactly what they are dressed like for Halloween (with a few minor changes) but I don't see her.  I got a glimpse of one, but they made it sound like she was a main focal point. Either way, this video is hugely popular, and all their friends knew who they were.  If you watch the video, just skip forward about 2 minutes.

The thing is, the girls had no idea I had this style down!  Please!  I LIVED this style... well, not me personally, but I was in that era and LOVED this style.  If you know me, you know one of my all time favorite movies is Xanadu.  Remember the roller skating scene? The rocker vs. big band theme? And the end Xanadu scene where she sings the song in different music genres.  It was all this style.  Help me! PLEASE I had this down. But they wanted NOTHING to do with it.  I tried talking them into so many things (hair and makeup) but they didn't trust me cuz I was the "out of style" mom (they didn't say that, but I know they think that).   Xoe came up with her hair on her own, but Xanthe was kind of "over it" by this point. This was their 3rd time dressing up.  But Xanthe eventually let me try and smooth out the curls in her hair, rat it a bit and put some makeup on (with what I had in my own stash in the car).


I promise, it didn't look this "up-do-ish" as it does in the pictures.

This is the group of friends they walked around with.  A few more joined them along the way, but that's Katryn back left, then Grace and Christine (with the nerd glasses).

After dropping off the girls, we ran to get some dinner, and ran into Spencer's old teacher's aide, whom we adore.  She's leaving back to the states soon, so we were thrilled to run into her at the Food Court.  She has such a sweet heart and we are really going to miss her. She has been a wealth of information for us and Spencer's development.  It looks like he isn't into her, but he's just embarrassed, super tired and hungry and didn't know how to react after not seeing her for so long. He went running up to her to afterward to show her his ice cream, his sandwich, and all of that.  We love her!!!

...and then it was off to trick or treat!!!  They don't celebrate Halloween here in Germany so we all have to go onto the army base to trick or treat where the stairwells (apartments) all get together and set up camp at the bottom of their stairs.  And because that housing area isn't gated or secure, the Germans also come to trick or treat (those that want to participate) so it gets really crazy.  It was super fun, a big ol' party.  As you can see from the picture below, some went all out to decorate for Halloween, and one apartment building had speakers outside their window where they were all dancing and throwing candy for the kids to catch in their bags.  Another one had a huge canopy set up with a fire under it and they were all drinking Gluhwein (a German traditional drink... hot wine).  There were just a ton of people walking around, and it was actually really fun.

 I just couldn't get a good picture of spencer holding up his pumpkin.  He just stuck his arm straight out in front of him and did this sort of "trick or treat" that sounded like the first consonant was left off of each syllable.  It was super cute.  Thank you was said the same way. He was REALLY trying and it melted my heart.

Oh, and as the jack-o-lantern got heavy, this is how he walked around with it...

Happy Halloween everyone! I can't wait to see how you all celebrate yours... And now it's time to bid adieu to Halloween. Until next year.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk or Treat

This was our church Halloween party. I didn't get many pictures of the inside but they had a chili cookoff and a pumpkin carving contest.  And then they had a trunk or treat, which is similar to trick or treating, but everyone opens their trunk out in the parking lot after adding a few decorations) and hands out candy to the little ones walking by. It's a really great time.  Plus I wanted to get pictures of the hat I jimmy rigged for Spencer last minute. I drove all over trying to find him a hat and couldn't find one.  Of all place you'd think I'd be able to find one. But I couldn't remember where the souvenir costume shops were at a time when I needed them the most. :) Oh well. It still turned out great and he wouldn't wear it anyway.

Xoe realized I didn't get a full body shot of her whole Party Rock Anthem outfit.  Oh, and they corrected me from my last post. The outfit wasn't from the actual LMFAO video. There was a flash  mob that everyone was dressed like this. oh, and they have a video online where you can learn the dance.  Ya, they did that with their friend and they actually looked really good. These girls are super talented. If I can get it on camera someday, I'll post it. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011