Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk or Treat

This was our church Halloween party. I didn't get many pictures of the inside but they had a chili cookoff and a pumpkin carving contest.  And then they had a trunk or treat, which is similar to trick or treating, but everyone opens their trunk out in the parking lot after adding a few decorations) and hands out candy to the little ones walking by. It's a really great time.  Plus I wanted to get pictures of the hat I jimmy rigged for Spencer last minute. I drove all over trying to find him a hat and couldn't find one.  Of all place you'd think I'd be able to find one. But I couldn't remember where the souvenir costume shops were at a time when I needed them the most. :) Oh well. It still turned out great and he wouldn't wear it anyway.

Xoe realized I didn't get a full body shot of her whole Party Rock Anthem outfit.  Oh, and they corrected me from my last post. The outfit wasn't from the actual LMFAO video. There was a flash  mob that everyone was dressed like this. oh, and they have a video online where you can learn the dance.  Ya, they did that with their friend and they actually looked really good. These girls are super talented. If I can get it on camera someday, I'll post it. :)

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amber buhrley said...

What do you mean old? I am clear back in July with my posting. Ugh!! What is my problem?
Spencer looks adorable and LOVE the girls costumes. They really are so grownup! The other day I was remembering abou their Wipey obsession. do you remember that? They always wanted a baby wipe and would rub their face and hands over and over with it!