Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Just barely able to deal with this. Spencer didn't want to let go so he held it tight and when i let go it went flying, sturdy case and cover and all out the parked car door, and landed on the pavement. That was Saturday and I'm barely able to look at it on Monday.

Tell me this isn't the most perfect place to spend this gorgeous day.alicialeec: Looks like Pemberly.christypethel: @alicialeec be still my heart. Yes. Yes it does. This is in my downtown.  It's the opera house-arts area.  Theaters and museums.
lilsmerfy422: Made me miss DE so much! Such a great shot.

Chasing birds. His favorite park activity.
...and ducks

Just sayin. Had to post one more time cuz their short life is almost over.

One side of my backyard. I have dreams of making that cute playhouse into an art studio for the girls since they're too old to "play house" in it. How charming huh?!

heathermegan: Very charming!
nsteimle: Jaycee Dugardish
christypethel: @nsteimle that was really my plan. Punish the girls to live out there now. :)
naomil31304: I wish my backyard was like that!
christypethel: Hi Naomi, I love your instagram! Take lots of pictures. And you can come visit anytime. You can help finish our playhouse!

Sad day.

wendyannsmith: Trying to decide if it is just time for the flowers to be spent or if a naughty child massacred them...
christypethel: @wendyannsmith you are a true mom. Happy to say it wasn't a naughty child. Just my beautiful peonies dying outside my front door. If you go back through some of my pictures I showed them blooming. I look forward to them every year and wanted to show everyone how small they start. A friend gave me the idea to do a play-by-play. :) love that you're on instagram! I love this thing!
wendyannsmith: I knew that. I saw your Facebook posts about the peonies. I love them too...
christypethel: Oh good. I knew you said it was your first day on instagram. Didn't want you wondering why I was randomly posting about my flowers dying. Haha!

Mandy's!!! So much fun, we haven't been here for awhile. (Mandy's is a cable car that was turned into a little vintage diner.) @justinlyon @amelialyon this is one of the little signs they have hanging all over. (Xoe took this picture)

Mandy's American Diner- a little piece of America

We needed some peace and quite on the way home. Everyone has headphones. Spencer even has a separate DVD player. :)

ambuhrley: Been there, done that!

His friend Audrey. He LOVES being in the big kid class now even though he's younger and they all are BFF's now. :)

bspethel: Awesome
trubritt: Hope you've got your eye on all those cougars - Spencer's a cutie ;)

Found a life-changing website today that was so easy to follow. Cleaned out the cupboards of all the chemical food and we spent last night with the fam reading ingredient labels and making smarter food choices. The girls had a pretty big eye opening. And I'm proud of my big daily project.

elizabethbandley: What is this website???
christypethel: @elizabethbandley I posted it on my Facebook. Let me try retyping it in here. I wonder if it will be a link your phone will take you too. I'm gonna link your phone will take you too. I'm gonna link the actual video rather than the home page. www.beyonddiet.com/bd/landingg?food=avocado
whitneyingram: Good for you! Making changes like this is hard, but so worth it.
Making teaching appreciation gifts turned into an art lesson.

Xanthe prepared a little dinner for us. Tortellini! It was delicious! (the hubby is away :( )

At Occupational Therapy. He was hiding behind the door thinking we couldn't see him cuz it was cloudy from that side. When he moved closer he saw me.

Finishing teacher appreciation gifts. I know it's Thursday... It's been a busy week, alright?!

The finished product! I love that Spencer was involved painting and separating skittles into different bowls. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  P.S. this present was invented with my own brain power and Pinterest was in no way involved.

wendyannsmith: this reminds me of our teenage years when we'd do creative things for boys and for schoool... those were the days.
christypethel: yes! Those WERE the days. That was so fun. :) we made some great memories didn't we?
wendyannsmith: Yes! PS... what is the time difference in Germany? It's 8:15 here...
christypethel: We are 8 hours ahead of you.
wendyannsmith: Whoa. 8 hours ahead... so you are thinking about dinner-crazy.
christypethel: Yup exactly. It's pretty crazy. It freaks my sisters out when i'm posting pictures from family home evening when they are just waking up.
@wendyannsmith what were some of our favs? Heart attacks, scavenger hunts, candy bar posters, I know there's more. How come I've blocked it all out?
wendyannsmith: I just have a bad memory. Ask Jacque. She remembers everything..

Wow, really?! I feel a bike ride coming on.

yojules: Yes ma'am!! I'm sort of freezing in Sweden right now, can't wait to get to warmer weather... I'm still loving it here though!

Spencer's first yearbook!

xxoovilla: He is too cute!!!

Happy Mothers Day to me!
Spencer handpicked the little chocolates on the bottom left.

Cleaning to get ready for the cleaners, aka "Ocho" my new little German lady housecleaner. This is a first for me. @nsteimle you can understand my excitement can't you?

elizabethbandley: LOVE those floors!!!
nsteimle: You didn't tell me! ;)
zengoddess: I so wish I had non carpet floors!
jiggityjamesg: Cleaning to get ready for the cleaners? I don't get it. Fire the cleaner, you already cleaned up.
christypethel: Haha @jiggityjamesg I know! But I'm not hiring someone to pick up after us. I'm getting someone just every once in awhile to do the deep cleaning. All the floors, toilets, windows, change bed sheets, the bath/showers, etc. My house is 3,000 square feet and it's hard to keep up on. Plus it's nice to have someone else do it. I like to pick up before she comes so she's not spending all her time cleaning up the toys and just getting down to the good stuff. @nsteimle how did I forget to tell you?!
wendyannsmith: You deserve it. Sometimes I feel like a maid.

I just can't take her seriously. Baha. She's trying to explain something and I have no idea what she's saying. the mustache is a bit distracting.

heathermegan: You are cute @xxoo2499
oliverben: Who is in that pic
christypethel: @oliverben it's Xoe.

Watching stories on YouTube that were read to video. I'm loaving all these stories from my childhood. Spencer and I are watching them. :)

wendyannsmith: Trying to remember what that story is called. I feel like I wear that  many "hats" as a mom. ;)
christypethel: it's called Caps for Sale and you just planned a Relief Society lesson right there. :) and so true.
wendyannsmith: I just laughed out loud...hahaha. Thank goodness I teach the 9 year olds primary class.

@fizerella (Felicity) your giveaways are our treasure. He's been entertained with all the new things for hours. .Thank you!

"mommy, I NEEEED my sunglasses. It's so sunny."

jenn_jnelson: So stylish
sammysounds: He loves his leather jacket.
lilsmerfy422 pretty sure he is the hippest boy I know!

So excited. Came home to my first Bio (organic) basket order. The apple was better than any apple I've had in awhile and they gave me recipes for all the other things. Spinach, fruit, etc.

wendyannsmith: You live in Germany...such a crazy thought sometimes.
yojules: Amazing!! I can't wait to partake!! :)
christypethel: @wendyannsmith come visit! I get to see @yojules tomorow! :)
wendyannsmith: I know! that'll be so fun! Coming to visit would be amazing too!  How long will you live in Germany?
christypethel: @wendyannsmith we're here for 2 more years. September 2014 so 3 more summers. :)

For @wendyannsmith check out the page I now get to try and translate. :) #ahhhGermanlife

wendyannsmith: No thanks.  I already have to figure out Chinese. ;) (Actually that's why we have a tutor)
jenn_jnelson: I can I can barely speak English :)
wendyannsmith: Haha Jenn Nelson, maybe we should consider visiting Christy. We'd have to say our pennies but would be fun.
christypethel: wendy and jenn, don't even tease me with this talk. My heart can't take it. Haha. I've been trying to get my sisters to come over for a girls trip. It's actually more affordable than people think. The flight over is the most expensive part.

Just started the 3 drive to Brussels, Belgium to pick up @yojules! So excited to see her. we may be offline for a day or two. 3 hour drive!

Look who we just picked up! @yojules

jenn_jnelson: I love Julia! She looks so beautiful! Have so much fun!
heathermegan: Yay! So jealous! Have fun!
yojules: so stoked to be here! One day in and it's already amazing!!
sjhitch: Fun!!!
katielschultz: Have fun! I am so jealous.

@yojules driving the Autobahn for the first time. I couldn't get her actually driving. It was too bright.

sjhitch: My husband would be jealous!!!

Kept trying to get a picture of Brian opening presents but Spencer kept photobombing the pictures.

ambuhrley: He looks so much like Harrison! And I love Brian's genuine happy expression!
christypethel: Amber, Julia has said the same thing quite a few times. I'm so glad cuz Brian doesn't get it. He didn't know Harrison. Crazy huh? And you're right about his expression. I didn't really pay attention but he really is genuinely happy. Haha.
Waiting outside for the bus to come. He has found a new activity. Spray everything with a spray bottle, including mommy.

Me showing Spencer how to take pictures on the phone. The other ones he got were just of my body so I was trying to show him to make my head in the middle.  Thought this was a good one to show @heathermegan my new hair but the filter made it worse than the picture. #ihatemyloanerphoneandwishapplewouldsendmineback.

Hit send too soon. Thanks @yojules for the awesome hair! You rock. :)

alicialeec: That is awesome hair... You are so pretty.

This makes me somewhat annoyed. There is a mechanic down the street that parks huge trucks or random cars at the end of our driveway and up and down our tiny street. The streets here are only big enough for one car. Makes for a difficult backing out Can you say 8-point turn? Or I could just get rid of my big American vehicle. :)

nancyshu: Haha I remember that truck being there 2 and half years ago when I was there! :) Harrison
christypethel: Harrison I love it! Proof! And I can't wait for you to get on instagram. miss you!

Spencer insisted on pancakes this morning. Thought I'd make it intereesting and see if he'd be okay with pink pancakes. Deceptively Delicious it is. Beets, shredded apple, ricotta cheese, cinnamon added to pancake ingredients. he loved them.

wendyannsmith: I have had that recipe book since it came out and I'm admitting that I've never made a thing out of it. You may just inspire me to try... 

Beets are pretty. Seriously amazing color. I only used the filter to help the crappy picture my phone took look like the actual thing I was trying to photography.

jenn_jnelson: Looks bloody
ddstid: It looks awful. Hope it tastes good.

linzortiz: What is that?
christypethel: @linzortiz beet pancakes. (see below)

Spencer in-charge at school leading the class yesterday.

Dad surprising Spencer at school after just driving in from a 4-day work trip.

yojules: Wow no goatee!!

Waiting for Eis Tony, a regular on hot days near the schools.

This picture does not do justice how much he enjoyed Eis Tony's ice cream. It is pretty amazing gelato on wheels. Yes, we have mobile gelato delivered almost every day of the week.

Why am I up so early? I've already been awake for a half hour. Can't go back to sleep but too tired to get up.

wendyannsmith: Shoot... that has been me the last week. Not sure why. That's the worst.
yojules: Welcome to my life!!!
christypethel: @yojules and @wendyannsmith I almost just finally fell asleep at the time I was supposed to up. So tired. :)
wendyannsmith: Christy- such a bummer. And it takes so long to catch up when you are behind in sleep. At least for me...

We're doin the pick-you-own outfit ragamuffin kind of day too @wendysmith. At least the coordinated the black.
wendyannsmith: Perfect.

Having a wonderful few moments to myself. Working a little, watching Downton Abbey, and wearing my new favorite most comfortable shoes.

sjhitch: LOVE THIS SCENE!!! Soo great.

My traveling shoes. I'm gonna start a series. Now we're waiting for an 11 pm showing at the English . Beats out the auditorium movie theater hot as hell on base.

yojules: And they serve kettle corn!!! ;). Lady, I'm dying right now. I can't have Downton Abbey be over yet. I need more!!
sjhitch: @yojules it's amazing right??!! The 3rd season is taking for-ever to come out!!!

Iliana's Birthday

We have a couple of really great friends, Portia and Anthony Medina.  They have a couple of teenage kids around the girls' age and a daughter a couple of years older than Spencer named Illiana.  She had a birthday last weekend and invited Spencer. She and Spencer are a lot alike and bonded over our Holland trip. I think they get along because they both are very sensitive kids and also have sensory issues (we're coming to find out about her).  Spencer loves her and also loves Portia, Illi's mom.  Portia is so gentle and loving to Spencer, I would trust her with anything that has to do with him. Thanks for inviting us to your amazing house on the hill.  

He just really wants it to be his own birthday.

As long as it took her to open presents, he stayed til the bitter end even after the other kids got bored and walked away.  See?  They are besties.

"A Snowman, Mom!"

He was mesmerized by the light up balls.  Illi's dad has a DJ system and had the music blaring.  Spencer even got 'jiggy wit it' but none of my videos turned out very good.

The girls and Katryn gettin their boogie on. :)

This happens quite frequently. Sorry.  that's what happens when you're a little brother. Your older sisters dress you in skirts.  At least it was blue.