Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Iliana's Birthday

We have a couple of really great friends, Portia and Anthony Medina.  They have a couple of teenage kids around the girls' age and a daughter a couple of years older than Spencer named Illiana.  She had a birthday last weekend and invited Spencer. She and Spencer are a lot alike and bonded over our Holland trip. I think they get along because they both are very sensitive kids and also have sensory issues (we're coming to find out about her).  Spencer loves her and also loves Portia, Illi's mom.  Portia is so gentle and loving to Spencer, I would trust her with anything that has to do with him. Thanks for inviting us to your amazing house on the hill.  

He just really wants it to be his own birthday.

As long as it took her to open presents, he stayed til the bitter end even after the other kids got bored and walked away.  See?  They are besties.

"A Snowman, Mom!"

He was mesmerized by the light up balls.  Illi's dad has a DJ system and had the music blaring.  Spencer even got 'jiggy wit it' but none of my videos turned out very good.

The girls and Katryn gettin their boogie on. :)

This happens quite frequently. Sorry.  that's what happens when you're a little brother. Your older sisters dress you in skirts.  At least it was blue.

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