Monday, April 30, 2012

TNT Soccer Team "The Bomb"

Xanthe, Christine, Katryn Brown & Xoe

New Season for Soccer!

Their team is called "TNT-The Bomb".

They are in an older league now, the 13-15 year olds and are held to a higher standard.  Practices and games kick their butts, but the girls were ready for it even last year.  They sort of felt a little too old for the younger league last year.  The girls are awesome and are switched positions a lot.  They run super fast and I have seen them run all the way down field, pass someone completely and steal the ball. I'm going to try and get some cool shots next game. 

So far, their team is tied for their first game and won their second game 1-0... the other team gave them a run for their money.  Our team didn't even score until the last 15 minutes of the game. It was 0-0 the entire game until then.

Xoe waiting to go in.  The coach at the top left with the long hair is their coach from two years ago and the coach in the black is actually from the team we played the next week.  He was "spying" on us to see our tactics.  Yes, people THAT is how serious this league is.

She actually asked to sit out for a minute cuz she had just been running all over the field.  The girls have a hard time asking to sit out cuz they just push themselves. While impressive, I tell them not to overdo it, especially this last weekend where it was 85 degrees, not something we've gotten used to over here.

Cute girl. :)

Xanthe, she was on defense at this point and she took it VERY seriously.

This kid who is goalie, and his brother Daniel are good friends with the girls.  Which made it more forgiving when he did a goal kick and the ball went straight up into Xanthe's nose and burst open the bloody floodgates.  She took it well, he felt bad and all is well now.  And no her nose hasn't become crooked like mine... yet.

Ummmm, ya, my friend Khadisha gave Spencer her phone to play with and he and her son, Jaylen (seen in the pictures below) spent a lot of time on Angry Birds.  haha.  Yes, he does watch the game and kick the ball a lot... sometimes they just gotta take an iphone break, right?

I think we might have a leftie.

Christine Arnold, Xanthe Villa and Jade Esselman, some of the girls' best friends. They love soccer so much that on Mondays and Wednesdays they all take the shuttle from school down to the field 3 hours early and practice (and take food breaks, etc.).  They all look forward to it. There's a group of about 6 of them.  And nothing I can say can talk them into NOT going.  :)  They are serious kids about this soccer thing. 

Xoe, Christine & Xanthe


Xanthe & Jazmine Reed

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