Sunday, April 15, 2012

Go-Karts for Spring Break-Day 3

While we were driving in to Stuttgart, Xoe had caught a glimpse of a sign advertising go-karting. The entire time we were in Stuttgart, she kept asking if we could go ride the go-karts.  :) We said we would try on our last day.  Xoe & Xanthe were super good with being understanding with Spencer and all the things we did that he would be okay with. So the last day we made sure we tried finding this place. It was super drizzly and we couldn't really find it. We knew it was located near the Mercedes-Benz museum but we were just driving along freeways trying to find the sign again (and if you know German freeways, it's not just "get off at the next exit and hope on the entrance going back the other way", there's roundabouts and 'mushrooms' that take you back to the other freeway. Without a GPS we would have been lost.)

We were getting discouraged until Brian finally found it on the 4th floor of a random parking garage.  RANDOM!!!  It really was REAL race car go-karts, not the silly ones at a miniature golfland.  Only the girls could ride on them so of course Spencer was bored, but he did okay.

Waiting to find out information

Xith their undercaps

Waiting, waiting, waiting

.....more waiting ....
(ignore his outfit... he stepped in a huge puddle and got his pants soaking wet, that's all I had left.)

...and more waiting...
...getting creative to pass the time. Not quite the smartest idea.

The race course.  This was half of the whole thing but only the adults could ride the entire thing during certain times of the day when it was all opened up.

Do you see them?  I put purple arrows.



They both got 3 rides. It was pretty pricey, but these places aren't that far from our house so we can always go another time.  I think they had an awesome time!   Then we headed home.

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