Sunday, April 1, 2012


Another Instagram recap!
Just did this as I was washing the back metal edge of my countertop. Surprisingly it didn't hurt... Until I actually put the  Band-Aid on. 

heathermegan: Shoot you put me and @jordyningram to shame!
jordyningram: No joke @heathermegan!!! Yikes
sjhitch: This is awful!
ambuhrley: Gross! Remember when you cut your finger real bad before a huge flower order? And remember when I dropped a knife on your foot at the Coronado condo? You have bad luck girl!
ruthylou: GOO!

@heathermegan and @jordyningram I totally thought of you when I was posting. Haha and @ambuhrley I DO remember cutting my finger. I still have a scar. I basically snipped the tip of my finger off but had to keep going even though blood was running down my arm. That wedding was the most horrible I have ever experienced. But guess what? I totally don't remember the knife. Haha. Yes ask Jacque she makes fun of me for the frequency in which I used to stub my toes. I must be really clumsy. Haha.

ambuhrley, jordyningram, sjhitch, heathermegan, that metal on the counter is the culprit. I was washing the counter and my fingernail just have gone into it and it just sliced a nice clean cut.  It's my right hand. Lisa Fannin this is for you too.

heathermegan: Oh man
ambuhrley: Are you trying to give me the eebie jeebies?
sjhitch: ouch!!!
jordyningram: Chad always gets frustrated when I hurt myself... it was an accident!! He says I'm complacent... so not true...

me: ambuhrley, for real. Haha. Everytime I open by Band-aid I go weak. Haha. I don't do well with blood. I could have be a nurse. Broken bones make me even more nauseous.

Another occupational therapy day at Ergoma. Fingerpainting. I'm interested to see if he'll do this. He hates getting his hands dirty.

Booyah! Success! This woman has some good tactics. Haha. Of course he had to wash after each touch.

This is what he does when I say "make a pose for the camera." Haha.

heathermegan: He's getting so tall!
kristynberrett: He is really tall!

For Kerstin, a daily picture of my peony bush to see the progress.  This is the same bloom. It's a huge bush. Comes up to my shoulders.

A little 3 year old unwrapped his Easter bunny from our German landlord a little early and made his own little table on the toilet, folded toilet paper and everything. I don't know if I should be mortified, humored or proud (for folding the toilet paper for a placemat.)

Yay that Android phones have instagram now so my husband is on here.  Follow him!

Last minute impromptu personal cupcake decorating class by THEE Jenni Bushman.

Xoe's turn.

Gettin ready for my least favorite kids Easter activity.

Peony bush progress-- just as I said, one week from when I first noticed color on the buds will be tomorrow. Probably will bloom over the weekend. #nofilter.

Spencer learning the janitor trade (he was intrigued by the squeezing mechanism).

Early morning pre-Easter grocery shopping trip with Xanthe. He walked next to everything saying "Is this the eggs?" "Is this the eggs?" Then he found KinderEggs (with a toy inside) and forgot about the real Easter eggs.  She thought this old man pj's were too cute to take off before going in. :)

Spring cleaning has begun. I've already gutted the laundry room/storage room downstairs and am working on our guest bedroom/my office. Washer and dryer even got a good cleaning.

I looove my laminator. I've been a laminating queen today!

Modern Family Game Night for Family Home Evening coupled with chocolate passion dessert. Perfect end to the night.

Game Night was obviously boring for this kid.

Didn't make it to Instagram... this train came in the mail. It's one you have to special order. Her name is Lady and Spencer has been asking for her for a very long time.  She's from a movie (the one that Alec Baldwin was in) called The Magic Railroad... one of the worst Thomas movies I've ever seen.  It's hard for me to sit through.   But I digress. Imagine his surprise to open our post office box and receive this. 

Didn't make it to Instagram but this is Xanthe being my secretary.  She wanted to earn money so I had her help me taking notes, organizing, and such. Here she is coming up with activities to help me plan for Spencer during the day.

Our first attempt at getting spencer to sleep through the night.  No more crib, new sheets (Grammy sent them... Angry Birds and Thomas) and a side rail.

Choice to spend Spring Break... practicing volleyball with me at the gym. Hey I'm not complaining.  One of the cheaper forms of entertainment and I'm proud they're practicing.

I got a little burnt on this overcast day.

Started the 8-week challenge with a few friends here. I gotta drink one of these 2-liter bottles everyday.  Wish me luck! I'm off for a bike ride with Spencer. I want to win this thing! Or at least get pretty close!

Peony bush update for Kerstin Engelhart! It's starting!

Playing at the new Nature Reserve behind our house.  In the background, the new playground and rock climbing wall has  been closed to finish building.  I already love this place!

Doing situps with me. 

He was doing jumping jacks for me.

So excited.  This apple farm is opening to the public now. It's only a few stones' throw from our house.

So excited when Spring is here and I can start adding strawberries and oranges or cucumbers to my water. It just doesn't feel right any other time of year.  Try it, you'll like it, I promise.

One of Spencer's fav activities. Watching the trains at the train station. He has now deemed Clark his new "best frieeeeeend!"

@jiggityjames: there is that awesome jacket again!

Peony bush update: a few are opening! For @kerstinengelhart

Didn't make Instagram-- I've now found these at the grocery store and they are my new best friend. They are like Clearly Canadian. Do you guys remember those? Natural flavored sparkling water.  

I love when I find YoGabba paraphernalia in German toy stores, albeit the American one, it's still overseas in my book!

Birthday cake! Lemon. Close second to tres leches from Cafe Rio.

Perfect late night surprise birthday visitor bearing cupcakes and giftage. I have wanted egg cups for a very long time and in my favorite pattern over here! Thank you Jenni Bushman.  You are so fam dabulous!

ddstid: I want some!
lilsmerfy422: Aww jenni pulls off the win!! So glad you had a great day and have such fantastically great friends there that love you to the moon! Miss me some Bushman family.

Oh just a normal Sunday activity. Building new train tracks at Jenni Bushman's house with his new friend (because they both have the same obsession for trains). Spencer will be sad when Clark goes back to Arizona in a couple of weeks.

The girls found their own way to benefit from being a twin at Jenni's. Someone to help you exercise.

The real reason we went to Jenni's.  There was just so much going on in our neck of the woods, Xoe and Xanthe's Spanish assignment to create a miniature diorama of their room and then label everything in Spanish was last on my list.  I was so burnt from dioramas.  I think every class assigned one or two. I am not stockpiling shoeboxes for this purpose.  Don't know how these teachers think we have this many shoeboxes laying around. Jenni is an amazing friend to invite them over and help them.  They did a pretty good job! The girls LOVE stuff like this. :)

They're blooming!!!
Schultz family-- look what I got in the mail today! Do you remember this from our childhood? Out of print but I found a used copy.

Mine and Spencer's unplanned afternoon activity. we were so bored so we were painting a race track on butcher paper the length of two rooms. So fun!

Braids for schoool.  Scholin the girls on a) How to braid and b)the amount of braids you need for crimped hair.

heathermegan: Show us after they take them out!
oliverben: At first I thought that was a cat on her head.
sjhitch:I got distracted by those nail polishes. Are you in a salon?

christypethel: @sjhitch-- it's her room. In fact that reminds me I should not post the pics on the blog of me redoing their rooms.

Woke up froma late nap and roped dad into racing on his new track.

Post-braids. For @heathermegan
heathermegan: Cutie!

Last peony bush update-- they're blooming! (and if you're late on this conversation I had a few friends ask to watch the progress). These aren't even full bloomed and lots are still waiting to open. Be still my heart. :)

Check out the size of this thing!

Building Big Red (from Cars). Not only is this a huge deal for his sensory issues (he never was strong enough to push them together) but he is preferring Cars over trains. Never thought I'd see the day.

Insisting he could get through. I kept telling him he couldn't.  I just laughed until he finally asked for help.

heathermegan: Haha
nsteimle: this made me laugh.
bethlamb: Awesome picture.

Afternoon treat with my buddy (aka trying to keep him awake cuz he had no no nap). It didn't work. See next picture.

bethlamb: He looks so tired!

15 minutes later. Out cold.


Yulia said...

Christy, looking at your blog makes me SO homesick for Germany!!

Liz said...

I hope you're okay. I'm a frequent lurker/reader (via Google Reader) and just realised you haven't posted in, oh, three weeks.

Prayers to you and your beautiful family that you are all safe and well.