Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Did I ever tell you that I hate dying Easter eggs?  It's by far my list favorite kid activity. I've managed to get out of it every year, asking other people to help them, until this year.  Don't ask me to analyze my hatred for it.  I just don't like it.

It's a good thing I have girls that are now old enough to lead it on their own, they can also help Spencer do it without my help.  Booyah!!! Another year I get out of it.  Oh and their friend Christine Arnold was there to join in on the fun.

Cute little hands

I know it's been the trend nowadays to get super creative and artsy on Easter baskets, handmade baskets and wooden things to go inside.  Sorry. Ya, I didn't do that.  X&X are older so no easter egg hunt so I felt like we needed to do something they would have fun with.  We bought them movies, iTunes card and a volleyball/soccer ball.  I actually, for the first time, was really wanting to focus on the real reason of Easter (you'll see my Easter tree on another post) so we kept it lowkey.  Happy Easter folks!

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Randi said...

As soon as I saw this post (with the picture of the white eggs) I thought you skipped it all together and hid white eggs for Spencer!