Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Reasons-Q&A Session

Here are answers to many of the questions I've been asked about our Germany trip...

1. Why are we going to Germany?
Brian accepted a job offer (he works for the Army) that he purposely applied for in Mannheim, Germany. But after a few months we'll be moving to Wiesbaden (about an hour north). He will be managing all the new computer internet systems that he just installed while he was there the last 6 times.

2. Are the girls going with us?
Yup. They are just as excited. They're going to miss everyone back in the States but because we'll be coming back so often (hopefully) they'll be able to visit.

3. How often will you be coming back to the States?
Hopefully Christmas, and the summer. The girls will split the time between Utah and California (their dad is in Utah and my family is in California).

4. Will you and the girls be learning German?
Not going to a German school, but they'll be learning German. We'll be living off of the army base so we'll have plenty of opportunity to learn the language, plus the best thing is that the girls are very excited to learn a new language so that'll make them learn it quicker and more successfully.

5. Will the girls be going to a German school?
No. Even though we'll be living off of the base, they can go to an American school on the base. We considered enrolling them in an International School where they teach partially in English and partially in German, but it was like $15,000 a year.

6. How long will we live there?
3 years. We have the option of staying longer (in 2 year increments) but want to get back before the girls go to high school as well as have "return rights" for Brian's job.

7. Where will you go when you move back?
Well, we'll be renting out our house in Sierra Vista, so we'll have a house there. But Brian would ultimately like to end up in Utah. So we'll see.

8. Will you be able to shop on the army base?
Yup. We'll be able to get most of the basic things we would shop for in the U.S. I'm sure I'll shop at the German stores too, but it's nice having the advantage of American products.

9. Will Brian be traveling as much as he does now?
No. That was one of the biggest positives that allured him to this move was that he wouldn't be traveling as much overseas. If he does travel it'll just be to the next country or a few cities away so he can come back at night or we can go with him on the weekends.

10. Where will we live in Germany?
For the first two months or so we'll be in a furnished apartment (similar to what we were in before) until our stuff arrives. During that time we'll look for a great house to rent that will have a guest bedroom for all the visitors that will be visiting...wink, wink! Right?!

So, I think that's it. Any more questions you guys can think of?


Kerstin said...

Well, if YOU have any questions please e-mail me at s-enk40@jura.uni-tuebingen.de !

amber buhrley said...

High School? Are you kidding me? You already have to think about that? So crazy!!!!!!

stacy said...

this is so exciting and a little scary. you offered so even if you don't like me i'm comming to your place if we want to travel international cause it costs a butt load of dough to stay in hotels. :) i know you'll do great and i'm excited to read about your experiences. :)