Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 2: The Notre Dame

What can I say? This is an impressive church. We didn't go inside because it was 400 steps to get up there. And by the time we had decided that, we found another entrance where you can just go into the church part...we were over it by then. But the outside was still very cool. We just kept talking about all the places Quasimoto slid along the outside pillars (from the Disney movie) and whether or not the gargoyles were going to start singing.

Can you tell I love the gardens wherever we go? Brian takes most of the pictures though. He does pretty well, huh?

I took this picture cuz I thought it was really interesting. The church is so old (built in 1187) that the stone is starting to wear away in places where you can't even make out the faces.

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Randi said...

Such and amazing building. I wonder why in America our buildings are just rectangles? We need to be more creative like the French.