Sunday, May 10, 2009

DAY 2: Braving the Eiffel Tower

Many of you know my newly-found fear of heights.
Guess when it was found? The LAST time I was at the Eiffel Tower. I begged Brian then not to make me go up, even though I was at the freakin Eiffel Tower. The thought of even going up in an enclosed elevator made me sweat. THIS view made me nauseous.
But alas, he preyed on me again to go up with him, and this time it's the story...many of you might find it the time...I did not. ;)
The "only thing" Xanthe wanted to do that day (of course AFTER we did all the other really cool things) before we left to go home (we had a 5 hour drive ahead of us) was to go to the Catacombs. Xoe SERIOUSLY did not want to go. Wanna know why? Not only was it super far underground (you have to walk down almost 200 steps), but also cuz it looked like this down there...

These are the bones from cemetaries around Paris that all were moved and combined during the 18th century because people were becoming diseased by the improper burial of people dying back then. We were told that many of them died when the Black Plague hit. Anyway, Brian and I thought it was super cool when we went the first time so we thought we'd do it again. Xoe kinda liked the idea at first, but then when we were serious about going, she got really nervous. It's a very long walk with just bones and bones and bones, arranged into designs...kinda spooky, don't you think?

However, after we were finished with everything for the day, Xoe quickly changed her mind to make Xanthe happy. So, we jumped in the car and headed over there (many thanks to the nice couple we met at the cafe who gave us their map with the location marked...awesome people!). We couldn't find a parking spot (not uncommon in Paris) so I jumped out to save us a place in line while Brian quickly sped away. Right when I got in line, workers from this place told us that they were closing and not letting anyone else in. I tried to catch Brian, but it was too late.

When the rest of the family finally walked all the way there, Xanthe was seriously bummed. Almost crying...but trying really hard not to. So, to get her mind off it, we asked her what she'd rather do instead. First thing out of her mouth, "Go up the Eiffel Tower." I about pooped my pants. hahah. Not really, but all the blood in my body about escaped me. But I had to be brave. I just kept thinking it was all in my head. Plus, I didn't want to give too much of a fight cuz I would have just looked like a baby.

So, we headed over there to see if the lines were long, or if it was still open. The whole time, on the inside, I was praying SOMETHING would work in my favor, while on the outside, I was trying to be calm as ever. However, the universe was not on my side that day. :) They were open til 11:00 p.m. and the lines were 10 times shorter than the day before. Ugh. I even tried using Spencer as an excuse that he was really grouchy and probably wouldn't be happy going up. Brian and the girls wouldn't hear anything of it, and kind of up to that point, thought I was joking. I kind of hoped I was joking too.


Brian was at the ticket booth buying the tickets and this overwhelming ANGER came over me. All I kept thinking was, "Who do they think they are that they can bully me into this and not even care about my feelings?" I really didn't know where that anger came from, but Brian could see it on my face, without me even saying a word. Xanthe saw it too and was almost in tears cuz she felt so bad.

They said, "We just thought you would like the view once you got up there."

I said, "Why would I enjoy a view of something that I feel sick to even glance at? I feel nauseous right now. And I know you guys think it's all in my head but it's really not. I've tried working through it, but it's not happening."

Anyway, Brian just held my hand as we got in the elevator and I just stared at the wall that didn't have a window on it. The whole time I just kept trying not to think about it and hoped it would be over soon. Do you guys all think I'm so crazy? haha.

Well, we only went to the second platform. There was no way I was going all the way to the top, AND I was putting my foot down by letting my family go up there too.

Are you proud of me? I went up! And once I got up there, it felt pretty secure so I was okay. Xanthe stayed right by me and was acting very protective. Xoe stayed next to Brian cuz she was a little scared too. I really tried to at brave cuz after that anger episode, I kinda felt stupid.

Anyway, both the girls used the camera and took a whole bunch of pictures for me so I didn't have to walk to the side. hahaha. I'm such a baby, huh? I think I took it in stride though. We stayed up there for a good 30 minutes. Spencer LOVED it. Weirdo.

So, here are some of the pictures the girls took. I only posted four or five cuz I'm sure Xanthe and Xoe will want to post some of the others on their own blog. They did pretty well with their picture taking. I have to say I was impressed. And then below that are just pictures of us down at the bottom when we were kind of hanging out afterward.

The numerous bridges in France leading over to the small island in the middle of the city where the Notre Dame is. Many of you might remember them from the Bourne Identity where Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) met up on the Pont Neuf.

(If you look in the background, one of the girls caught the Sacre Coeur at the perfect moment while the clouds opened up and the sun lightened it up.)

Where's Waldo? Can you see us? The closeup is below, but I thought Xoe took a pretty good picture of us.

See? He loves it when they run towards him.

Brian joking around with him like he's gonna run him into it. Silly boys.

Look how much he loves his Daddy.

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Katie Schultz said...

Wow what an amazing View. It sounds like you are having a great time. Spencer is such a trooper