Monday, June 15, 2009


I can't believe this little boy is 11 months old. Actually, true to form, I've posted these late (blame the Germany trip posts). He's very close to being one year old. But I figure that since Brian is out of town, and we're going to have to celebrate his birthday late anyway, it's okay to just push all the milestones a little later too. heehee.

My sister Heather did such an amazing job on these pictures. And of course I fiddled with the colors too much. They uploaded too bright. So, for some of them, I had to mute them out a bit. The bright colors just became too much.

Let me tell you about this cute little boy.

Height: 32 inches
Weight: About 26 pounds (we haven't gone in for an appointment in awhile)

1. He giggles all the time. ALL the time. Except when he's teething four teeth on the same side (including his molars), which he is doing right now. So he's a bit grouchy. But he just whines, doesn't CRY.

2. He says "Ma-Ma". It melts my heart every time he does it.

3. He wants to stand so bad. He will crawl around and then straighten his legs and stick his bum in the air. He looks like he's about to do a somersault. If only he could lift the top of his body to go all the way up.

4. He is SOOOOO into "Thomas the Train." They are his "friends". When he watches the movie, he gets so excited by the trains, and he starts giggling like it's a joke or something (ya, I have no idea why he's giggling. I wish I could be inside his brain.)

5. He's such a good patient little boy. He truly is an angel. I couldn't have asked for a better baby.

6. He loves the water. Will do anything so he can play in it or splash in it (hence the pictures).

7. He loves to read books still. He gets just as excited with little books as he does with his cars.

8. He loves holding little cars in his hands. He'll just pick them up and hold them in his hands while watching a movie, or hanging out on my lap.

9. He's turning out to be quite a little picky eater. Random things he'll like, and then the things "most" babies eat, he won't even touch. He won't eat fruit...and he won't eat avocados (one of his staples when he first started eating solids).

10. Still has his "leaky eye". I'm a bit concerned that he's going to have to have a surgery where they put a little tube in his tear duct. I'm praying he won't.

11. He gets really excited talking to Brian on the phone (or, I guess, hearing Brian's voice.) I show him pictures of Brian and he gets really excited. He does the "revving the car" with both his hands and wrists. I really should post a video of him doing it. It's just what he does when he's excited, and it's so hard to explain unless you've experienced it already. Just know that he gets really excited talking to his daddy.

Here are some pictures with his "Ma-Ma". He and I have been having some great bonding time while Brian's been away. The girls are in Utah so it's just been me and him hanging out with our friends and family.

I can't say this enough. He's such a good little boy, hardly ever cries and I'm in love with him like he's my little boyfriend.


Randi said...

I love these pictures of both of you. Heather did a great job. Happy Birthday Spencer (I know this is your 11 month post but today is actually your 1st birthday!) I miss your happy little face and relaxed personality. You need so continue to spend lots of time with Brenna to teach her to chill out a bit. We love you little boy.

kristyn said...

You look so pretty in those pictures! And of course Spencer is darling-- he has the same perfectly round head as Henry.

kristyn said...

I just scrolled down and saw your pictures of Germany--they are beautiful! I want to go to there!

{leah} said...

I love that he has arm floaties on!!!

cute cute.