Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Play-by-Play California

Remember? Brian was in Korea for the month of June. Xoe & Xanthe were in Utah for the month of June. What was I to do for the month of June? Well, first my sister Heather flew out for a little R&R (more on that later), so Spencer & I flew back with her to California...for PART of the month of June.

I felt like this trip I was busier than I've ever been. Not only did I need to purchase and wrap: birthday, Father's Day and graduation presents, but visiting California becomes a must in shopping for all the things I don't have in Sierra Vista. There's MAC, shopping outlets, M&L (amazing fabric store), El Pollo Loco, In-N-Out, Nordstrom Rack, Trader Joe's, Goodwill (not like any other Goodwill...they have new Target items), etc., etc. I have to hit all of these up while I'm there so it becomes a very busy time for me.

One of the MUSTS is Pinkberry. Holy cow! Have you all had this? If you haven't, I highly suggest you find one around you.

The same night Heather and I flew in (and had the fortunate experience of having my brother Scott, who is so dang busy, pick us up from the airport), my sister Amber called and wanted to know if we wanted her to wait for us to get home (9:30 p.m.) before she made her Target/Pinkberry run. Hell ya! What a sweet sister.

So, the three of us piled in her small car and headed over to my brother Ben's house to drop something off. His wife, Katie, came running out and just jumped in the car. Of course, Ruth (my other SIL) got wind of it, (she only lives down the street), and ordered us to go get her. It was quite funny seeing all of us climb into the smallest car we owned. It just became a big ol' party. Perfect way to spend the only few hours Amber and I had together. She took off on a two week trip, right during the same time I was visiting California. Oh well. Glad she had fun! But more glad I got to sleep in her REALLY comfortable bed, and drive her car. (heehee)

The "Non-Retreat" at Nan's B&B
If you've never had the fortunate experience of being wined and dined, or even entertained by Nanette, this is definitely a life-changing experience. Going to her house is truly a retreat! So, of course, we were all for the idea of having an R&R weekend at her house. I can attest for all who were there that it was a great time, and we did not want to go back to real life. We missed those who weren't there.

So, because I didn't take any pictures...I'll give you a play-by-play of what we did. You make your own assumptions if this weekend was amazing or not!

Friday (Most everyone arrived around 8:30 p.m. so we didn't have much time for a lot)
Homemade Chocolate Lava Cakes a la mode
Soaking in the hot tub, furnished with drinks from the Party Fridge (Nan's soda fridge under her backyard BBQ) and amazing conversation

-All had our own rooms, and all got to wake up late
-Garage Sale Hopping (I think I was totally schooled, and converted to garage sale shopping. I found some great stuff. At that point, I knew I was in trouble getting everything I was eventually going to buy, home). Highlights were when Katie (or was it Ruth) and Nanette had to hop out of the back. And at one point the rest of us in the front went running toward one of the block garage sales (4 houses) and forgot them in the car. That was at the same time Nan saw an amazing table, chair and armoire set for her daughter for only $20, being looked at by some other lady. Needless to say, she fell out of the back of the car. hahaha
-Naps (yes for us...not the kids...there were NO kids with us...except Spencer and LouLou but do they count? Cuz they take their own naps.)
-Sundried Tomato Balsamic Chicken Pitas (how amazing were these, girls?)
-Shopping at the World-Famous Camarillo Outlets...we hit up Gap, Gymboree, Banana Republic, etc., etc. I get excited just thinking about it. We went at least 4 times to the outlets while I was there.
-Movie ("My Life In Ruins") was okay. The ending made up for the rest of the movie. But how fun that we even GOT to go to the movies?
-Dinner at a restaurant - booya! Highlights were when Nan was dressed in napkins cuz she was cold by the waiter who really wanted to get close with her.
-Soaking in the Hot Tub again!

-Slept in even later
-Amazing 3-Course Lunch (that she even served us! Like I said, wined and dined. Mahi, Mahi, Asparagus, Best fruit salad ever, and coconut Pannacotta)
-Naps again
-Sadly we headed back this day. No one wanted to leave.

Thanks Nan for the amazing weekend. We're going to have seriously do it again!

So, like I said, I had to hit it up at all the stores, and do some gift shopping. Some other things I did were:

-Got my shoulder worked on by Dr. Guerrero, a muscle doctor chiropractor who helped fix my shoulder that was pulled out from carrying my 26 pound kid. Wow. I've been waiting 4 months for someone to do something. THANK YOU!!!!!

-Visited my old stomping grounds, The Bashful Butler, my dad's catering business, and just jumped right back in...stacking cakes, making bride phone calls and writing Party Orders. Good times.

-Attended Harrison's graduation...

Harrison Graduation

Meet Harrison.

He's my youngest brother, and youngest sibling. He's the youngest to graduate, so in a way that's a good more graduations to attend, but sadly our family is all growed up, and I'm getting older.

I was 16 when Harrison was born (ya, so I just dated myself) and he was like my little buddy, and almost like my own little son. I can't tell you the love I have for this kid. Over the years, with all the stress my life became, we lost touch. Which may be a good thing, because he was able to bond with my mom a little more once I was gone. They became really close. But I missed him a lot. Until this weekend. We reconnected. And it felt good. I love you Harrison and I'll always be your second mom! Congrats!

Oh, and if you want to know what Harrison looked like as a baby, just look at Spencer. He is a reincarnation of Harrison.

Pics from the party...

So, we had a graduation party afterward. Lots of the pictures following are "people pictures." I love people pictures. Especially from my family. They're just crazy kids! Enjoy!

The cousins born in the same year...
LouLou, Harper, Wendy & Spencer

Of course, all the other kids were being so good. And of course, for months we were trying to get Spencer to MOVE, and then when we don't want him to, that's all he wants to do.

The only thing Harrison requested was a homemade cake for my mom to make. She used to make these for us all the time when we were younger cuz we were poor. But because Harrison was the youngest, my parents had more money (more kids were out of the house) and he never got one. How funny that that's what he really requested. Can you tell my mom ran out of white frosting to make a grey elephant?


Uncle Ben & Spencer

Harrison before Grad Nite

Katie REALLY wanted me to take a "sexy picture" of her!

Scott, after eating the black elephant cake

Reading the letters Harrison wrote all of us. There were many a teary-eye in that room. Hey what's Nan doing in the background?

Ben G-Dawg

Piper Girl

Heather Williams

Grandpa Doggy Pile
Wow! Grandpa STILL has it in him. I remember doing this when we were kids.

The same night, we had a birthday party for Spencer. I'll post pictures of those next.


amber buhrley said...

Wow! I really missed out. How come so much happens the 2 weeks out of the whole entire year I happen to finally get a vacation! Life sucks sometimes! I forgot my sheets had holes in the bottom. I bought new ones but forgot to change them before I left. Sorry! Was that really annoying?

Heather said...

ya we did have a fun week huh?! great pictures!

stacy said...

that was so fun!

Randi said...

That hammock looks amazing! I don't think I would have ever gotten out of it. I am glad that you had such a fun time with your family. Good Times!