Friday, October 26, 2012

Church Halloween Party

 This is our church Halloween party. Brian was gone so it was just me.  remember the police costume we bought for Spencer? :) Because I was so busy, I, of course, in true Christy fashion, work better under last minute.  I printed out these Thomas logos, laminated them and quickly sewed them onto his costume.  He was in HEAVEN! he thought he was the bomb-diggity. :)

It was just us for the night.  The girls were at their middle school Halloween dance.  I had to leave in the middle of it to go pick them up so our good friend Natalie thoroughly entertained him.  We have great friends.
Just us for the night

The next two pictures I posted so you could see I could not get this kid to stand still for a picture.  haha.  He is moving in almost every picture.

The parade...

These are some of his favorite people.  Sammy Myers, Eva Lokodi and Natalie Rosenquist (whom he was glued to her side the entire night.  She was so nice to watch him while I ran to pick the girls up from their halloween dance).

His girlfriend, Sophie Myers.  Isn't she beautiful?
And yes, that's what the winner of best chili at the Chili Cookoff looks like!

This is why I couldn't pull spencer away to leave.  His new trick.

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