Monday, October 1, 2012

Skittles Train Cars

Sometimes Spencer surprises me with the things he thinks of.  I know every person thinks their kid is smart, so of course I think mine naturally is. :) Come on! He knew his alphabet, at least 40 shapes, and the numbers up to 20 by 18 months and his phonics at 21 months.  He couldn't talk, but he knew those things.

Randomly sometimes he'll do something that he's either been taught at school, or maybe we've talked about, but I don't think he catches on.  Here, he found a bag of skittles.  And of course, as usual, instead of eating them he used them as "cargo" for his trains.  But this time he sorted them by color and matched them to the color of the train car. I had nothing to do with this. :)

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