Friday, October 19, 2012

Murder Mystery 2012-OLD

Last weekend, my friend, Lindsey and I, held our annual Murder Mystery Party.  We had three separate games going, which meant 24 guests, a great turnout!  You'll notice in the picture gallery below, there was quite a range of costumes. Be assured, we were kept in stitches most of the night.  If you want to learn how to host a Murder Mystery party, see my sister, Nanette's Polite Society Magazine feature with all the steps you need to know.

 Can you figure out the themes for the three games based on the costumes?  If not, well I'll help you out a little:

1. Murder on Misty Island-  High School Class Reunion with 11 different students and one old housemother trying to figure out the murderer of their classmate, Stephanie.
2. Grapes of Frath- A 1920's themed mystery set on a beautiful yacht, the Gilded Vessel, while trying to find the murderer of their host, Archibald Frath, the famous, internationally-known champagne and wine distributor.
3. The Good, the Bad & the Guilty- Everyone is a guest of Judge Waylon Payne in for the public hanging of the Malevolent Seven in the town of Roadkill in 1822.  Judge Waylon Payne who has mysteriously been killed the morning of the hanging and it's up to them to find the killer before they are all hanged.

For the theme of the night, we decided to decorate the food and beverage table around the country western theme.  The menu included the following:
Chow Hall:
Chuckwagon Sliders (Small BBQ Chicken Sandwiches)
Howdy Partner Chili
BBQ Baked Beans
Cornbread Biscuits
Deviled Eggs
Wild West Buffalo Wings
Cowboy Caviar & Chips (homemade salsa)
Howdy Partner Veggies
Rocky Top Guacamole
Hoedown Bean Dip (7-layer bean dip)
Frontier Fruit
Rocky Road Trail Mix
Wagon Wheels (tortilla rolls)
Helena's Apple Slices & Chocolate Dip

Watering Hole
Cowgirl Lemonade
Giddy Up Guzzlers (Bottled Water)
Hot Wass-Ale Apple Cider

Sweet Saloon
Rodeo Rootbeer Floats
Sherriff's S’mores on a Stick
Dirt Brownies
Muddy Buddies
Pioneer Pretzel (pretzel rods dipped in chocolate)
Cherry Chocolate Cowpies (chocolate cherry cheesecake)

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