Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Fall Bazaar

Each year the Army holds an annual Bazaar where vendors from Germany and vendors from America come together to sell their stuff.  Some antiques, some handmade, some large products.  I've never been but this year we had so much fun. There were booths from around the community raising money, like the Middle School was selling cotton candy and the Scouts were selling chili dogs.  One organization (I forget which) were selling pumpkins for the kids to paint for $5.  It was really a great time.  I bought a few really nice things for Christmas presents and a Germany relic.  If you didn't know, Brian and I collect souvenirs from every city we've been to. If you come to our house, our front room has them displayed.

A few amazing things was when Spencer found two of his bestest friends. Ilana, from his preschool, was there to play instruments with him from the local music schule (music school).  I was pretty amazed that Spencer kept wandering back there to experiment with every instrument. Not sure yet if he's seriously interested but we'll see.  SOMEONE has to carry on the musical tradition in our family right? 

He also saw his friend, Emma, whom I've been told he has a crush on.  He buddies up to her at school and refuses to sit next to anyone else. He gets really excited when she's at school. :)  Oh, Spencer.  A ladies man already huh?

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