Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Trip Downtown-OLD

One of my favorite places to go is our downtown area.  If you didn't know, in Germany (and I don't have a specific place to back my information up, it's just something I've noticed) every town, including the smaller villages, have a church in the center of town and then town is built around it.  In the bigger metro areas, the churches are bigger.  Downtown Wiesbaden is one of the bigger cities.  

When I first arrived here I was scared to go Downtown. I knew nothing. But then my friend Lindsey and I started a group called the Out & About Group where we toured new areas with our friends.  Many were just as nervous and so it was great to have Lindsey, who had lived here for quite a few years already, show us around. I fell in love and vowed to visit as much as possible to get to know the downtown area.

Nowadays I am proud to say I can draw a map of Downtown Wiesbaden with my eyes closed.  I love it down there and go as much as I can. I have figured out shortcuts, and I have my favorite stores I love to frequent.  

Butler's is one of them.  These are some pictures of their Christmas 2012 seasonal line.  They had me at sweater designed candles and beautiful furry throw blankets. It's like a mix between Pottery Barn and Pier 1 Imports. If I've ever sent you a package, guaranteed there's probably been something from this store.

There are some fun things walking around the downtown area.  You don't see many random weird people though. I was used to that in California but occasionally you'd see  a crippled person begging for money or a gypsy, but not often. This guy really freaked me out. I couldn't understand what he was doing.  He kind of looked like a pedophile making balloons for kids. He didn't look German, and his whole outfit was just so random. Nothing fit a good stereotype of anything. I was so confused.

There's always a trip to Vapiano's when we go to Wiesbaden. It's a walk-up-and-order place but they make your pasta dish right in front of you, the pizza is made when you order it and the spices (as you can see from the picture) are handpicked right when you order them.  It's so fresh and healthy and my family loves it, even Spencer who is a very picky eater.

One of the other stores we always go into is the Lego store.  Julia introduced it to him when she was babysitting him over the summer and everytime we go to "Downtown Beesebottom" (as he calls it), we have to go in there. It becomes quite expensive so he plays with some of the toys there and walks out with a small item.

So if you ever come into town, one of the first places we'll go is Downtown Beesebottom and I'll introduce you to the beauty and wonder I get to live among on a daily basis.

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