Monday, October 22, 2012

Fun pics of Spencer-Potty Mouth

Spencer has been going through this stage where he loves saying potty words.  It's like a reflex.  All of a sudden he'll just look at you and take a deep breath and yell, "POOP!" and giggle uncontrollably.  I thought my kid was obnoxious until a friend posted a status on facebook tot he effect that she could go the rest of her days not hearing the words "poop, stink, fart, butt, crap" at least 40 times throughout her day.  I thought, thank you!  Mine isn't the only 4 year old.  

We've tried ignoring it, disciplining, etc, but it just makes it worse.  So we've made a "deal" (he's big on deals too).  He can say any word he wants in private only to me.  So these pictures are from that time.  We were hiding under a blanket and he snapped a few pictures of himself.  Then when he wanted me to turn on the video to record himself saying potty words.  Here you go.  This kid is such a silly boy.

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