Sunday, October 5, 2008


(And YES, I used the word RAD)

What does your husband do when you get sick? This is what mine does...

At first I was a little bummed that he just left me laid out in the twins' bed with the baby next to me kicking and entertaining himself while I'm trying to imagine how I'm going to function for the day. I try to find the positive by being thankful that he drove the girls to school.

Then, about an hour later, as I'm drifting in and out of consciousness, I hear the garage door open and wonder who is breaking into my house. My head is pounding so bad that I don't even care. The door to the room slowly opens and there is Brian holding a Diet Coke, a bag of McDonald's breakfast, 2 Tylenol and 2 packets of strawberry jam. HE EVEN REMEMBERED THE STRAWBERRY JAM!

After I scarf down the breakfast I go into the office where he's on his work laptop and I find this...

I look at him with this question on my face and he says to me, "I told them at work that you weren't feeling well and that I wanted to come home and take care of the kid while you were sleeping and trying to feel better. I brought my work home with me." You rock! I'm gonna miss him when he goes to Japan on Friday for 10 days. (Oh, and the girls will be gone for 8 days too. What am I going to do with myself?)

Oh, and yes, Spencer LOVES sitting in that little spot with Brian while he "games" it up.


Joannie Pethel said...

Christy, I think you and I got the best out of the bunch, what do you think? HEHE! What a sweetheart!

stacy said...

what a sweet man you have! you are so lucky.