Friday, October 31, 2008


Last Entry everyone!
Costume #6: MiniMe
Submitted (Idea) By: Brian Pethel

Voting Time! Out of all the costumes, which one do you guys like best? :)


rookie cookie said...

I just laughed out loud. For sure, this gets my vote. Although the sumo is pretty amazing too.

It's having a little baby so much fun!

Heather said... father like son!

Leah said...

Ok, so this one was cute! and Yes they do look a lot alike (and I'm sure Brian was happy that his idea was done.)
The Sumo Wrestler was really cute, and I love the use of electrical tape.
I still think the 8 ball would have been cute...maybe on your next kid....

Joannie Pethel said...

haha, OMG I feel like I'm missing all the fun! Great job on the costumes and the girl's party! wow!

ruth said...

Love it!!! Please say you did this one!!!

Christy said...

Yes, we did this one. We loved it so much AND also cuz it was the last one we did right before we were supposed to leave. hahaha. But it worked out cuz he could dress warm. And Leah, yes, cue ball was on my list but I just couldnt' get it together in time. :) It was enough getting these last ones on there. I didn't have everything for it and I just couldn't bring myself to go looking for stuff for it. But SERIOUSLY great idea! :)