Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Fun, fun, fun!

(This is their friend, Isabelle...we call her our "adopted daughter". She's over a lot. And do the girls' costumes look familiar? Hint: Xanthe=Showbiz. Xoe=Halloween 2 Years Ago. Hey, they took my bargain of "The less money you spend on Halloween costumes, the more you can spend on your Halloween party" to heart! I'm thankful. I love recycled costumes!)
Spencer & DaddyDanielle & Bayley (How beautiful are both of them!)

Spencer & Kiley...3 Weeks apart, and Spencer is double her size. Kiley is the fourth and newest little girl of our good friends, the Binghams.
This is Priscilla Bingham (Kiley's mom). She whipped up these decorations in I'm thinkin... about 30 minutes. A-MA-Zing.
All the Kiddies!

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Kath said...

So are the Binghams any relation to Mary Bingham? She was a friend of mine at BYU and she is from Tucson AZ. Just wondered.

Your kids look darling! Happy Halloween.