Friday, January 28, 2011

New Beginnings

As part of the church group the girls would be joining once they turned 12, the organization holds something called "New Beginnings" where they introduce the program to the girls, give them their literature and get to know the older girls who are already part of the program.

The Young Women's leader went all out (as always) for this night. Check out the cool banner she made, as well as all the invitations, programs, decorations and gifts for the girls (in the paint cans).



These are the displays that depict each value they focus on in this program.  This one is Knowledge.


She made one of those flowers in each of the Young Women's colors.

I think this one is  Divine Nature
As part of the program, each mom sent a bunch of "Things to Know" about their daughter.  This is Morgan, one of the older girls reading Xoe's out loud to everyone.
The girls love Morgan and she is a great example of someone who (in the girls' words) can be "cool" but also "good." I tell Morgan all the time how thankful I am for her :) as well as the other girls. They have some great girls in their class over here.

This Xanthe's teacher reading hers.  I guess the girl who was in charge of Xanthe's wasn't there so she had to read from my phone. :) 

A few of the girls in their Young Women's class.  These are a great group of girls!

These are the girls who are Xanthe and Xoe's age going into the program during the year.  On the left is Ashley who has the same birthday as X&X and is a very good friend, and the other girls is Haley, a good friend of the X&X too.

I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUN TO POST THE GIRLS' ANSWERS. These have changed, obviously, but it would be fun to see.

Type of Food: Italian Food
Mom's Dinner: Mom's Chicken Cacciatori
Fast Food: In And Out
Drink: Sprite
Restaurant: Olive Garden
Favorite Dessert: Tres Leches
Color: Blue
School Subject: Language Arts
Most Influential Teacher: Mr. Lawrence, Language Arts
Sport: Soccer
Special Talents: Art, Step Team, Skateboarding, Spying, Cleaning and Organizing, And Having Good Style
Groups And Bands: Allstar Weekend, Glee Cast
Books: Percy Jackson, Fablehaven and Series of Unfortunate Events
Movies: Percy Jackson, Despicable Me, Megamind, New Christmas Carol
TV Shows: GLEE, Wipeout and old TV shows like Bewitched and Gilligan’s Island
Singers: Selena Gomez, Taio Cruz, Rihanna, Michael Jackson
Time Of Year: Summer
Favorite Place I Traveled: All the places on the Mediterranean cruise, probably Pisa, Italy or Malta
Place I Want To Travel: Greece & Hawaii
Embarrassing Moments: Someone Made Me Start Laughing In Church And I Couldn't Stop Laughing And Then I Got A Tickle In My Throat So I Started Coughing And Couldn't Stop!!
Favorite Memories: Big Sur = Talent Show and Beach At Big Sur
Pasttimes: Reading, Drawing, Exploring, Computer Games, Hanging out with Friends, Making Crafts, Playing Board Games
Biggest Pet Peeves: People Who Ditches/Ignores Me, Losing A Soccer Game, and School
Extracurricular Activities I’ve Done Before: Step Team, Soccer, Girl Scouts, Dance, Gymnastics, Showbiz Kids, Art Lessons, Piano Lessons
Awards: Honor Roll, Art Show Recipient, Principal’s List
I Am Excited For Young Womens Because I Want To Do Fun (Spiritual) Things With The Young Women's Girls !!
My Goal This Year: To Try Harder To Clean My Room, Do My Homework, And Go To Bed On Time, Go To Sleep Ontime, And Go On The Bus More Often.


Type of Food: Italian
Type of Dinner: Colombian Empanadas
Fast Food: In N Out
Drink: Coke and Dr. Pepper
Restaurant: Olive Garden
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Cake and Slurpees
Color: Teal and Orange
Sport: Soccer
Favorite Subject in School: Art and Aerospace Engineering
Most Influential Teacher: Daniel Limonadi, NASA Instructor when we got to see the Mars Rover
Special Talents: Drawing and Design
Groups or BandsMGMT, Allstar Weekend, The Roots, I'm From Barcelona.....
TV Shows: Glee, Wipeout, Fashion Shows,Yo Gabba Gabba, Old Shows, And Monk
Favorite Movies: Percy Jackson, Green Hornet...A Lot More
Favorite Books: Percy Jackson, Fablehaven
Singer: Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson
Place to Travel:Greece, Utah or California
Favorite Place I’ve Traveled So Far: All the places I’ve been, London, Paris, Malta, Pisa, Africa
Memory/Place to Go: When my dad took me to see the Mars Rover in California a couple months ago and we got to our put our name on a paper that will go to Mars. I also love memories I make at reunions, Family Places, Incredible Pizza in Utah,
Time of Year: Summer
Pasttimes: Invent things, spending time with family, reading, shopping, playing computer games, and designing fashion
Biggest Pet Peeves:When people pretend to be my best friend.
Extracurricular Activities: Girl Scouts, Soccer, Gymnastics, Showbiz Kids, Step Team, Swimming, Piano, Art Classes, Singing
Something you may not know about me: I'm 50% Colombian, 25% German, and 25% English
Awards I’ve Received: Honor Roll, Cowboy Poetry National Award, Principal’s List
Why I’m excited to go into Young Women’s: The crafts and activities with the other mutual girls
Goals for this Year: Getting good grades, helping out more
Favorite Treat: Gummy Bears, Baby Bottle Top (it’s a sucker in the shape of a bottle on top that you dip into powder in the bottom), Sour Worms, Milk Duds, Twix


Beth said...

Love this...I am going to borrow this for our next new beginnings.
Could you please scan the invite and email me a copy so I can see what it says. Or if you are coming to visit in the next few months could you bring me a one.

Thanks for sharing!

Kerstin said...

The girls are so pretty!

What is the literature? Religious or "normal" books?

This is what I like with your church: There is the structure so you can get integrated. With my church you need to take the initiative. And even then it's not certain, you meet someone your age.