Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

While Brian and I were in Rome, Julia helped me get this Father's Day present together.  Well, she and the girls did all the work.  She is amazing.  (the coloring on the above picture isn't the greatest but I wanted you to see how everything turned out.)

 This was Brian's favorite gift out of everything we gave him. He keeps talking about it and even got a little choked up when we presented them.  He wants to take them to work and doesn't care how big they are. :)  I thought I'd post them all here for your enjoyment. I've included a picture of how the frames turned out throughout this post.

There is a "great" big amount of pictures here.  I couldn't frame them all so for my own purposes I wanted them all here for me to remember in my blog book.


Silly girl

Beautiful girl!


I love this whole sequence of pictures. Supposedly this white wall was the upper part of the red brick wall. So to get Spencer up high enough for the white wall, he had to stand on Xoe's back!  Knowing that makes it even cuter and funnier.

The finished product!

Yup, I'm still lovin all his facial expressions.

My Xoe-girl! Love her!

What a beauty!

We love you, Brian!  You deserve the best Father's Day ever!!!

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heather said...

these pictures are so cute. what a great idea! your girls are turning into the most beautiful teenagers... kinda scary. they are gorgeous!