Wednesday, February 1, 2012


christypethel: Channeling my High School Publicity days with puffy paint and fluorescent. Can you smell a Schultz-inspired birthday party?

ruthylou: How fun!
katielschultz: What a fun...Theme. And that's what makes it Schultz-inspired... Giving a sleepover a theme.  Wish I had thought of that at their age! So fun.
ambuhrley: So fun! Wish we could come.

christypethel: Yup! They want it like the startup party. "Just Dance" competition on the Wii with glow sticks and glowing food and some fun games. @ambuhrley you guys should! It's this Friday! Just swing on by. :) Miss you all!

Yup, too cold.

christypethel: From Words with Friends.  I floored myself with this move.  I don't know if I've beaten that score yet.

This pic didn't make it to instagram, but I mean to.  Ummm, yes, we find these quite frequently in the bathrooms here. Not always, but frequently.

christypethel: The fluorescents are starting to dry and it's startin to heat up on here.  Party time is in t-minus 3.5 hours.

christypethel: The party has started! It is tripping me out. They are dancing to the 80s mix @scott_schultz made for Christmas. Two of Hearts by Stacy Q. came on and I think I got taken back about 25 years. I got seriously excited inside and was probably more stoked on this dance party than they are. Thank you Scott for what's playing now! Freakazoid.

ruthylou: Scott will be so happy & a little jealous that he's not there to dance it up.
christypethel: You have no idea @ruthylou how much I want someone here. I'm a little, no pretty much A LOT giddy. I just realized this is the music "I" listened to in middle school.
elizabethbandley: I am kinda jealous I'm not there. 80's dancing is the BEST!

christypethel: Yup! They want it like the startup party. "Just Dance" competition on the Wii with glow sticks and glowing food and some fun games. @ambuhrley you guys should! It's this Friday! Just swing on by. :) Miss you all!

christypethel: Party was a success! We even threw in a hulahoop contest, water dice game, balloon wars and @nsteimle we even played Reap What You Sow. Midnight and going to bed with the party surprisingly all cleaned up thanks to Portia Medina for taking Spencer and having their own party with Illiana! Good night!
christypethel: Cleaning up the aftermath with Xoe and Xanthe Villa
christypethel: Spencer's first day of playtime aka Occupational Therapy

ruthylou: Oh the ball pit, Davy can't stand it. It scares her.
nsteimle: I love our time difference and that I can wake up to pictures of your family.

christypethel: @ruthylou I thought he would be too. I spoke with the parents of one of his friends and their daughter hated it too. I was surprised when he jumped straight in. They have a huge ball pit at the airport that I occasionally let him go in (but I can only imagine how dirty it is in there) so he probably felt comfortable. This one was deeper though (and a lot cleaner) I think it surprised him. He loved it though. I think we're gonna like this place.

This wasn't in IG, but I just laugh whenever he puts sunglasses like this.

christypethel:  Family birthday party dinner at our favorite, Chili's! Happy Birthday princesses. 13 years old! Wut?!

amelialyon: Wow! How are they already 13?!
heathermegan: You guys look great!

christypethel: @amelialyon I don't know. I really just don't know. It's weird. :) Thanks @heathermegan. You just made my day!

Not Instagram pictures but thought I'd add them here.
Handsome, silly boys

Our favorite! Molten Lava Cake

christypethel: His jokes never get old. I promised myself I'd go to bed an hour ago but Brian teased me by turning this on to get me to stay awake with him.  I almost can't breathe I am laughing so hard. (Brian Regan)

Playin around at the food court.  What Brian would look like with surfer hair and his earrings still in.

christypethel: Getting ready for scoliosis xrays. We were giggling so much at the XL gowns.

ambuhrley: What? Why?

christypethel: @ambuhrley they were diagnosed with flat feet, off kilter hips and scoliosis. We're hoping it's not too bad and is a result of the first two things. Possibly the scoliosis could resolve if we fix the feet and help balance their hips. They have had horrible back pain for awhile.

christypethel: Spencer hard at work doing his schoolwork before he "gets" to go pick his "job" for the day (no joke, they love picking jobs) and then play. :) I love his school.

Not on instragram but wanted to post him doing his work so you could see the pattern better.

christypethel: There are just no words. And thank you to @xxoo2499 for grabbing this picture. It totally didn't the scene justice. This was at our public food court.

sammysounds: I'm pretty sure some person has posted a picture of me like this at some point.
heathermegan: Haha amazing!
lilsmerfy422: Hmm yummy just what I want to see at the food court!!! Bet it made dinner delish!!!
katielschultz: Yeah and ben, and piper, and Ollie, all cursed with the "Schultz No Butt to keep your pants up"

christypethel: @katieschultz hahaha you only speak the truth. I "might" be included in that group too. Haha.

christypethel: Xoe opening presents from @heathermegan a couple of days ago. They're in heaven. They opened @ruthylou's but they were ripping things open so fast I couldn't grab pix. Thanks everyone! They love their presents!!!

katielschultz: Oh boy. Is that OMG brass knuckles ring?! Gotta be James inspired.
heathermegan: it's a omg bracelet! Not brass knuckles.
jiggityjames: If they were a brass knuckles ring, they would be on my hand. I did inspire the glasses though.

christypethel: @heathermegan and @ruthylou know Xanthe villa so well! They were in heaven opening mailed bday presents a few days ago! Yay!

Not Instagram pictures but thought I'd add them here. 

christypethel: I guess we've moved past "needing and actual train track" stage. I'm finding train caravans all over my house like this.
christypethel: Partying it up at "Fasching!"  I'll blog about it soon. But it's basically like Halloween, New Year's Eve and the Rose Parade. It was really fun. :)
christypethel: Tired of the mess. Rooms in the house are slowly being closed for entry. I am not cooking at all for them! The problem is coming FROM them making their own food. They're not putting things away and just leaving things all over. When I say "they" I mean everyone (except me, of course). And when I say closed I mean CLOSED! But if they want a drink then they need to ask for it and when I get back into the kitchen I want to see what they've washed their dish and put everything away.
christypethel: Relegating. This is Xanthe's job the whole week... clean the kitchen from top to bottom.  She hates it but has now learned to clean a kitchen fast and efficiently.  An ulterior motive is also to make sure I am teaching them life skills like washing the dishes by hand and know how to clean so they aren't "that" college roommate that everyone hates.

christypethel: This is my sink. My clean sink. My sink that has been completely clean for two days, along with the rest of my house. Why and how, you ask? Because I reintroduced myself to my children. And yes, that sunlight coming in are angels singing. No filter on this picture, nosirreebob.

christypethel: Spencer's obsessed with the Noah story I taught a few weeks ago in church. He wants me to tell it over and over. And if I skip details he makes sure he corrects me. (Just when you think kids don't listen).

christypethel:  Spencer's Spring picture, that I obviously forgot about (hence the stylish and preppy sweatshirt he's sportin'). He actually takes pretty good pictures. haha.

christypethel: 2nd Quarter Awards.  Great job girls for Principal's List and Highest Honor Roll (pictured with Christine Arnold, Morgan Simmons and Katie Peters)

I love sleeping babies.

Grammy and Grandpa... got your package. Looks like it went through a typhoon or something.

christypethel: This is becoming my ultimate favorite treat.

ambuhrley: Translation? I think I got the yogurt part.

christypethel: Haha I realized I didn't provide a translation.  Sorry. It's greek yogurt. Blackberry. It's seriously as good as pinkberry but maybe not as tart. It'st he smoothest, creamiest yogurt I've ever tasted. I keep thinking "This CAN'T be healthy."
christypethel: Doing everything I can to keep a toddler awake who skipped his nap, while trying to fix dinner before I put his butt to bed. It started of as bubbles in the sink with plastic bowls, cups and measuring spoons, but now has moved on to...

...taking a full on a bath. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

christypethel: We're getting ALL secretive here in this house. I hid carrots today in Spanish rice and taco meat. Spencer still ate loads (with his sensory issues I cant' get him to eat veggies). Successful day. Now onto cauliflower, red pepper, spinach, butternut squash and broccoli.
Visiting one of Spencer's favorite best friends, Ilana, from his preschool.  She contracted Guillan-Barre (which means her own immune system was attacking itself). We happened to show up the same day as his teacher, Ms. Judy Markeson.  It was a great day.  Ilana was in the hospital for something like 5 or 6 weeks.  It was rough on her so having friends visit was a good thing. Fun for Spencer too.

christypethel: Xanthe and Spencer during church. Beautiful kids.


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How did the skoliosis x ray go? And are you still doing deceptively delicious? What's you Fav recipe?

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