Friday, August 21, 2009

UPDATE on the Surgery

Dear blogging friends and family,

(this time from Spencer's mom. Spencer's quietly asleep in his bed, which makes me feel so happy.)

I wanted to write you an updated letter telling you how it all went with his surgery today.

I have to tell you Spencer did so well! He was such a good baby. I would tell you he was the BEST baby, but then I would be negating all of Xoe's surgery experiences, of which, at the time, she was the best surgery baby! Spencer was, however, just as good as she was.

These are the things that we received praise for (all within the short hour and a half we were there):

-"He did so well. He didn't even cry when the doctor took him from your arms to walk him to the back operating room."

-"He didn't even take long waking up out of the anesthesia. Most kids are still floppy and groggy and have to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour to leave recovery. You guys can go now."

-"It's a good thing you brought him in. He didn't just have a little clog from mucous, his membrane had never fully grown right as the duct empties out into the nasal cavity. We needed to actually pop through it." (which was so good to hear, cuz I can't tell you how many random people would tell us, "well did you rub it with a warm washcloth? yes...we sure did. A hundred times and it's not helping. But even so, I still second-guessed myself of whether or not I had rubbed it hard enough, or did everything I could rather than subjecting my little son to surgery.)

-"He's so smart. I can't believe he holds the book like that. It really looks like he's reading."

-"Wow, he's been fasting for 6 hours and isn't even acting cranky."

And of course the ones I never get tired of hearing...
-"He is such a good baby!" and

-"He is so cute! What a handsome little boy."

Thank you everyone for your prayers and love. Even though it was such a short procedure, nothing that COULD have gone wrong, ever did. (except the fact that Brian and I had major insomnia at the hotel the night before and only got about 1 hour sleep, and Spencer woke up wide-eyed-and-bushy-tailed at 3:30 a.m...I think it's cuz we all took naps the day before, which kept us up all night. Niiice. It's a good thing we all came home and took another 3 hour nap. Woohoo!)

So, thank you again. Now...onto packing. The movers come for the first shipment on Monday. Yup, it's really happening.


amber buhrley said...

Glad to hear things went so well! That will be nice for both you and spencer to have that cleared up! Yeah! It was fun to see you guys. I feel like I didnt really get to spend much time with spencer because of my own crazies and my big pregnant belly that makes me grumpy sometimes. I did note at how cute he is and how much you and Brian just love him. It is fun to watch! Can't wait to see you again. Oh yeah, and I didnt forget that I owe you for my icecream and movie. HaHa! I just forgot to give it to you before you left.

stacy said...

i'm so glad that everything went great and it is so nice to hear how amazing other people think our children are...we know right but it's fun to hear from someone else. :)